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Hey vaidas I've been using your scenes for learning for about a week now, and I'm pretty close to building my own v4 spawn engine! But the only issue I have that I can't figure out for the life of me, how do you direct where the "gas" spawns? I saw that in your designs, under the scene.addCircle code, for pos you put pos := e.otherPos. I did the same thing, but it still spawns and some random location. How do I fix it to where it'll actually spawn inside the cylinder?
How do I gain that ignition control?:/
It just won't rotate as the right piston fires, I can't seem to figure out why.
Holy crap dude, this tutorial is a lifesaver! Finally a good step-by-step process, thanks so much for uploading this.
Hey ptvv, I have a pretty interesting question for you! I saw that someone made a spawn engine and asked you to measure its power. I just wanted to ask, how do you do that? I just constructed my first engine and I want to figure out its specs. Thanks in advance:)
Hey vaidas, this tutorial was awesome, thanks so much. I just had one question for you though. I finished all the building and scripting, now i'm just going through and assigning the variable to the various objects such as the flywheel, ignition, etc. But what is the "" pertaining to? Not .acc, i know that's for the acceleration. But .abb i found in one of the lasers' scripts, and I can't find anything on the engine with that code on it. Reply please, I'd really appreciate it_o_
Hey just wanted to ask you guys, how come it isn't better to run at a higher Hz? Doesn't that make it more stable? I mean, I rarely see any made on here that run above 200 Hz, but I amped mine up to 600 and my engine runs unbelievably smooth.

With 600 Hz my engine will rev up to 120 rad/s, but if I down it to 120 Hz like many people use then try again, I'm lucky to get 55 rad/s, and it's much less stable.

So someone please, explain this because it makes absolutely no sense to me:/
Wow, that should of been a simple fix for me. Thanks for the help guys.

And vaidas I do get that understanding it is the most important part, not just copying scripts. But following your tutorial is what game me my knowledge about it now. I made my I3 engine work now, and I will very shortly be having this one working as well.

It was all thanks to your tutorials, they were a massive help and taught me basically everything I know now.
Haha no kidding! A Geo Metro would be lucky to see 70 horsepower. But hey, it is 3cyl:lol:

I was pretty sure this engine was way too powerful for realism, the car I'm making right now is way too heavy too. I'm not really sure how to properly weight things and get the realistic specs at the same time.

The thing is, I don't even know how to test the specs in the first place!:bonk:

If you wouldn't mind InsertNameHere, I'd be very interested in learning how to make my engines more realistic, with their weight as well as their specs. So let me know, I'd appreciate it very much.

Thanks for testing it by the way:tup:
Vaidas, I know that I've only come to learn of your involvement here within the last week or so, but let me just say, I am truly appreciative of your involvement here and your personal affect on my learning.

All because of you, I'm able to make my own spawn engines now. It's obvious that you have alot of people here that care for you and your work, and I can honestly say that I'm one of them.

Thanks so much vaidas, you truly are a significant mark on this community. Now I'd like to ask for your permission, and pnvv's, to use that Minsk. I would really like to use it and build it in honor of your goodbye.

Of course there's many people here that are much MUCH more capable than I, but it'd mean alot if I could do this to show my appreciation. Let me know guys, I'd really like that opportunity.

If you do allow me to vaidas, I'll write my own goodbye to you on that scene as well, since I write now and again.
Hey pnvv, I was wondering how I can test the specs of my engines. I want to make my first realistic car, but apparently my inline-3 has about 600hp and 10x that in torque:lol:

While that is awesome, I'd like some more realism. So if you could help me out, that'd be amazing:tup:

Oh and is just anyone able to make a request to you for cars? If so I would like one made by you, if you don't mind_o_
Haha it's ok, I do have a general idea:lol:

The main problem is that the engine is just way too heavy. It's nothing compared to my previous engines, which easily saw 500kg, but it is really heavy.

If you wouldn't mind, I would really like to know how to test for specs though:*)

I've learned almost all I need to know to build engines now, I just need to practice my skills. The only other thing is the specs. If you could help me with that, maybe upload a scene how to do it, I'd appreciate it VERY much_o_
I'd like a 1987 Geo Metro, 2 door (most that year were, shouldn't be hard to find.) Colors don't really matter, but any lighter color on the body, some light tint on windows, and darker bumpers. Make the weight somewhere near 850kg, that's how much the car weighs IRL :coolgrin:

I know some of the time you let people use their own tires for the bodies too. But I'm terrible at them, so if you could include tires too that'd be amazing:tup:

Thanks so much pnvv, you're awesome:lol:
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Ok in the last few days I've learned how to build, script, tune, and design these engines. I know mostly everything about them mechanically and with the code now, but how do you do the exhaust?:lol:

That is the only thing I still don't get. My scenes would be so much cooler if I could add exhaust like that.
@pnvv - oh crap haha sorry dude!:lol: I'll still remake it if you want to upload it, I just didn't know you were even planning on making it. Thanks a lot though, I'll still use it if you want me to:tup:

@vaidas369 - thanks vaidas. So I'll make the cars smaller in the future, thank you for the tip. Oh and just one question; in the lower gears it's like the rpms slip or something. It doesn't really accelerate until you hit the limiter, I'm sure you felt that when driving it. Do you know what that's about?
I tested the whole powertrain, there's no slipping going on. I don't understand what it is, but for some reason the lower gears just don't match the revs with the speed.
I couldn't even get it to crank over:lol:
Well Linkage, while I don't disagree with you at all, that still doesn't answer my question. I've used this script in 4 different engines, and all of a sudden this time it's just not responding. Doesn't make sense, not at all.

I'm sure if someone who uses this same technique saw, they'd be able to tell me why this is happening.
Hey vaidas, it's been a while. I was actually surprised to see that you're still making scenes, you left the last time I was here.

Anyway I did have a question. I have more plans to make a car, but I wanted to improve the transmission aspect. My last car had a working one with a clutch but it used the number keys to select a gear, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

Without a doubt your design is better, where it's just sequential shifting using A/Z. I really have no idea how I'd go about making this, could you please point me in the right direction? I'd really appreciate it, it's all I need to finish my next car project.
Awesome! Thanks pnvv:tup:

I definitely need to make it more powerful, I need to shoot for 240hp haha:lol:
hey pnvv, i really hope you get back to me. I'm trying to get into building engines for cars, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to dyno them. I know you have a few uploaded, but I can't seem to get them to work.

I saw you tested one of my engines, and it was printed out on a graph and told you exactly how much horsepower it made. Please tell me how I can do this, it'd be extremely helpful for my learning.
InsertNameHere - Thanks so much man! I am really glad with the way this one turned out. My only complaints about it are the way the transmission functions, and the dashboard could be a little nicer too.

And even though this motor has 105hp, similar to the real life variant, I'd like to make it more efficient. A high-revving power curve. That way it keeps pulling to redline, instead of losing considerable power at a lower rpm than i'd like it too.
pnvv - Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm not going to argue any of the points you made, I definitely wasn't expecting to make a very high quality vehicle on only my second build:lol:

In regards to the transmission and clutch though, I know. I can live with the 1234 tranny, but the clutch did give me a big headache. I tried to up the friction to ridiculous levels, and even beefed up the inertia in the gears and clutch alike, to see if that would stop the "power leakage." But it was a no go, I can't seem to figure it out. My geo metro build had this same problem, but it was much worse. I do have to state though that I think the ratios are pretty good. I did alot of math to figure out where they should be, and it's an older car. Those gears had really tall ratios. You need that to be able to exceed 100mph with just a 4speed. This was a purpose-built race car after all, even if it doesn't look like it:lol:

It seems like it goes away for the most part once you're up to speed in 2nd gear, but I still want to fix it. And when it comes to the engine, I really wish I knew how to dyno it accurately:bonk:

Oh and I really want to explain the tach being off as well. I am aware about that, it was intentional. See when I first built the motor I realized that it's power output dropped significantly if I revved it to 5400. Like i'm talking about 60% of the peak power at around 4000. If I'd of left it like that then this car would accelerate horribly, actually slowing itself down the higher you rev it. So I changed the limiter to be near peak power, and left the tach to read as though it was at 5500rpm, just for realism and to make me happy.

I know that must have really bothered you when you saw it, but test out the motor at a true 5500 if you want. It's power at that speed is horrible. I was really disappointed by that, I still don't know enough to make an efficient power curve into the higher speeds like that.

But anyway I really appreciate all the feedback, I'm currently working on another project and I'll be sure to demolish all of the concerns you had with this one haha. If you wouldn't mind telling me how I can possibly fix that clutch issue, and maybe how to dyno an engine, that would be great.:)
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By just upping the Hz to 180 I was able to measure about 5800hp out of this engine. I don't understand, practically every spawn engine scene I encounter hardly has it over 150. Every single engine I build on 150, if I bump it up to 360 then the power output nearly quadruples, and at the same time it makes the motor itself much more reliable.

Why do you guys stick to such low Hz??? I really don't get it<_<
The Linkage - Thanks for the offer to help! I actually did figure out most of what I complained about in this scene haha. I managed to make a more efficient power curve in my newer S2000 motor by reducing the stroke range and making the flywheels lighter in comparison to the pistons. That seemed to fix the problem entirely, because now my motor keeps building hp from 35rad to about 82, it came out really nice:lol:

And for the transmission too, I did figure out how to make it sequential as well now. It still could be improved, but now the shifting is much easier and efficient.

And lastly, about the braked axles. They have nothing to do with timing, I only put them there so that once you let off the throttle the RPMs go back down. It also adds a sense of engine braking that you don't get most of the time with spawn engines. It's scripted so that whenever you're giving it power, or at idle, the axles have no strength. They never affect the engine, except when I want them too:tup:

The only other way around that revving-down issue i've found is to have the flywheels at a ridiculously low inertia when you're off the throttle. But the problem with that is it's still not as efficient, and also that'd mean the engine loses considerable power. It'll rev down under its own weight, but it won't really help much in slowing down the car.

The axles work pretty well for what they need to do. And as for vaidas' scripting, maybe so. But it's all I've learned thus far, and hey it works:bonk:
Thanks for all the feedback and support guys!! Please do me a favor and rate what you think of it and try to help spread the word. My last car build had over 1400 downloads, I think this one deserves way more!:bonk:
Oh, I thought it'd be an actual engine. This is just a useless prop, too bad.