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Aston Martin DB2 w/ 105hp I6 Spawn Engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: CopenhagenEngineer

Group: Default

Filesize: 484.45 kB

Date added: 2016-04-05

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 3837

Views: 419

Comments: 9

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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First of all, special thanks goes to phun user for the body, it's his not mine. Also to vaidas369 for his amazing tutorials on spawn engines, this one was built with much inspiration from him. Now to this scene!

The car is an Aston Martin DB2, that has an inline-6 spawn engine. It's peak power is 105hp @ 4900rpm, and redlines at 5400. I aimed to make this car as realistic as possible, so it weighs roughly 2700lbs and has an accurate-to-life 4speed manual transmission.

Sorry for the track, I know it's not the best. But this scene is just a "demo" for me making engine-powered vehicles. As I get better with the cars themselves, I'll be sure to add some updated tracks for them.

Let me know what you guys think for my first complete car build!:tup:

The controls are in the scene.

Run at 150Hz

Edit 1: Updated the suspension so it's less bouncy, and Improved the engine a bit to be more realistic to it's 105hp counterpart:tup:
Last edited at 2016/04/06 21:44:27 by CopenhagenEngineer
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Glad to see a new guy around here, and your car is pretty damn amazing too!

Good job, I hope you keep it up.
Oooooo lookin snazzy!:tup:
InsertNameHere - Thanks so much man! I am really glad with the way this one turned out. My only complaints about it are the way the transmission functions, and the dashboard could be a little nicer too.

And even though this motor has 105hp, similar to the real life variant, I'd like to make it more efficient. A high-revving power curve. That way it keeps pulling to redline, instead of losing considerable power at a lower rpm than i'd like it too.
I like this :D

Well then... let's review this the eanayayo way :lol:

Body - 9/10, it doesn't have any textures and it also isn't yours.

Suspension - 8/10, it's a little stiff and bouncy, but suitable for a sports car like this :D

Engine - 6/10, well, I have some mixed feelings here. it's a smooth engine, it has a very steady idle, and a good amount of inertia. I could do an engine brake :D But, it states in the description that the engine has 105 hp, whereas my testing found the engine only had 90-95hp :x If you wanna see, I have the data if you wanna see it :P Also, it generates a tilting force that rotates the car to the front when accelerating. Maybe you could counteract this with a light wheel spinning at ~10x engine speed? :s Also I like that it's possible to drive at 30% power, so you can drive sensibly and not in full Clarkson mode all day :lol:

Gearbox - 5/10, it slips a little and the ratios are a bit too long, along with the gaps between them being uneven. Also try and use A/Z for sequential gearbox, because it's easier to use :)

Clutch - 3/10, it's just a toggle, but even if I put the wheel friction at +inf and dropped the clutch in 4th gear at a standstill, the engine didn't die.

Dashboard - 7/10, I like the dials how they have that "sluggish" feel like old cars, but I actually found the RPM dial is inaccurate by about 100 rpm!

So, collective rating, 6.3/10 (but you get a 10 anyway, because this deserves to be popular :P )

And le performance -
0-100 km/h 9.6s
0-160 km/h 19.4s
180 km/h topspeed, but only limited by engine speed xD
Last edited at 2016/04/06 02:07:18 by pnvv
@Pnvv: Regarding the A/Z gearbox, not everyone can script that good, I still use 1234 layout and u dont complain
I just love it anyways! But I think BBS rims doesn't fit to 60 year old vehicle :P
pnvv - Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm not going to argue any of the points you made, I definitely wasn't expecting to make a very high quality vehicle on only my second build:lol:

In regards to the transmission and clutch though, I know. I can live with the 1234 tranny, but the clutch did give me a big headache. I tried to up the friction to ridiculous levels, and even beefed up the inertia in the gears and clutch alike, to see if that would stop the "power leakage." But it was a no go, I can't seem to figure it out. My geo metro build had this same problem, but it was much worse. I do have to state though that I think the ratios are pretty good. I did alot of math to figure out where they should be, and it's an older car. Those gears had really tall ratios. You need that to be able to exceed 100mph with just a 4speed. This was a purpose-built race car after all, even if it doesn't look like it:lol:

It seems like it goes away for the most part once you're up to speed in 2nd gear, but I still want to fix it. And when it comes to the engine, I really wish I knew how to dyno it accurately:bonk:

Oh and I really want to explain the tach being off as well. I am aware about that, it was intentional. See when I first built the motor I realized that it's power output dropped significantly if I revved it to 5400. Like i'm talking about 60% of the peak power at around 4000. If I'd of left it like that then this car would accelerate horribly, actually slowing itself down the higher you rev it. So I changed the limiter to be near peak power, and left the tach to read as though it was at 5500rpm, just for realism and to make me happy.

I know that must have really bothered you when you saw it, but test out the motor at a true 5500 if you want. It's power at that speed is horrible. I was really disappointed by that, I still don't know enough to make an efficient power curve into the higher speeds like that.

But anyway I really appreciate all the feedback, I'm currently working on another project and I'll be sure to demolish all of the concerns you had with this one haha. If you wouldn't mind telling me how I can possibly fix that clutch issue, and maybe how to dyno an engine, that would be great.:)
Last edited at 2016/04/06 20:26:38 by CopenhagenEngineer
I haven't even seen the scene but I can help you with the a-z thing, just tell me if you got Skype or anything and I can tell you how to script one with 2 circles

Also, you can make an engine have realistic curves if you make the density of the spawned balls variable. that will make this engine a lil bit weaker (you would get the peak power lower if you did that) but you'd get what you want

Oh whatever i've just downloaded it, I dunno why but i like it a lot!
Some tweaks on the gearbox (a.k.a redesigning it completely) and maybe rescripting the engine to something easier (Vaidas is not so good at scripting lmao) and you're good to go
The engine has braked axles ==> no go. even if you use +inf torque they're gonna slip and your timing will go to hell and beyond. you have to use bend for those things but i don't feel like explaining right now :P

Good build. i won't expect fully textured cars from your first scenes but you could try someday!
Last edited at 2016/04/08 23:21:12 by The Linkage
The Linkage - Thanks for the offer to help! I actually did figure out most of what I complained about in this scene haha. I managed to make a more efficient power curve in my newer S2000 motor by reducing the stroke range and making the flywheels lighter in comparison to the pistons. That seemed to fix the problem entirely, because now my motor keeps building hp from 35rad to about 82, it came out really nice:lol:

And for the transmission too, I did figure out how to make it sequential as well now. It still could be improved, but now the shifting is much easier and efficient.

And lastly, about the braked axles. They have nothing to do with timing, I only put them there so that once you let off the throttle the RPMs go back down. It also adds a sense of engine braking that you don't get most of the time with spawn engines. It's scripted so that whenever you're giving it power, or at idle, the axles have no strength. They never affect the engine, except when I want them too:tup:

The only other way around that revving-down issue i've found is to have the flywheels at a ridiculously low inertia when you're off the throttle. But the problem with that is it's still not as efficient, and also that'd mean the engine loses considerable power. It'll rev down under its own weight, but it won't really help much in slowing down the car.

The axles work pretty well for what they need to do. And as for vaidas' scripting, maybe so. But it's all I've learned thus far, and hey it works:bonk: