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Honda S2000 w/ i4 Spawn Engine (Read desc)

screenshot of the scene

Author: CopenhagenEngineer

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.75 MB

Date added: 2016-04-18

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 8750

Views: 1033

Comments: 11

Ratings: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Well after plenty of work, here it is! My Honda S2000 powered by an F20C I4 spawn engine, and a 5 speed sequential transmission. I improved upon pretty much everything from my previous Aston Martin build, and this scene definitely came out much better. I'm especially happy with the body, this was my first attempt at making an original one out of polygons and I think it came out really nice.

The engine is arguably the best I've made as well. I've made alot of adjustments to my scripting, mainly the inertia variables. As a result this motor has a very realistic feel. It doesn't rev too fast, and it's RPMs fall back down evenly. It also makes 245hp while only weighing around 160kg, that's something I never would have been able to do before.

i - Ignition (toggle)
s - Starter (hold until RPMs is near 1k)
up - Acceleration 30%
right - Acceleration 100%
down - Brakes
c - Clutch
a/z - Shift up/Shift down (hold C while shifting)
p - Parking brake (toggle)
Gears - R,N,1,2,3,4,5

Some extra specs on the car for those who care;
Engine ~ F20C I4 Spawn Engine 245hp @ 8200rpm (rad/s) and weighs 160kg
Weight ~ 2,945lbs / 1,336kgs
Acceleration ~ 0-60mph 5.4s
Top Speed ~ Roughly 155mph
Gearbox ~ 5speed sequential transmission with functional clutch and reverse gear!

I'm really satisfied with the way this one turned out, I've put alot of work into it. The dashboard especially. I put so much work into trying to make it look nice and I think it worked. There's tons of features added into it, just drive the car a bit and you'll see what I'm talking about! So please let me know what you guys think!:tup:

Run at 240Hz

P.S. The top speed would be more, but I had trouble with the clutch bugging out at high speeds. You'll notice it slips at around 155, but I wasn't sure how to fix it. The actual governor is at 165mph. Sorry if this bothers some of you guys I'll try to fix it soon.
Last edited at 2016/04/19 16:13:35 by CopenhagenEngineer
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Cmon peeps start rating this scene! :lol:

I will leave a more detailed comment later!

For now... Godt arbejde!:P
I can smell the essence of VTEC...

I'll give it a try when I can use my laptop. The scene looks very promising:tup:
Cool @faytree me too. the vtec god is coming towards us:coolgrin:
I feel like VTEC is useless-(furiously messing around with the ignition system to make VTEC happen)
Lol...VTEC always gets ahold of us...
This S2K is really good! Not as fast as the one Faytree made that went 760 km/h, although this engine really rocks!

I think I should stop under appreciating myself :blink:
Thanks for all the feedback and support guys!! Please do me a favor and rate what you think of it and try to help spread the word. My last car build had over 1400 downloads, I think this one deserves way more!:bonk:
Some of you ignition on cylinders missfire, that's a massive power loss.
Other than that, not bad. You starting to learn quicker that the others well done.
PS Any credits for the BBS Wheels of mine...? Nope?
nice car
Hello,what a nice car!Enn,can you tell me how to make the speedometer?Thank you very much!
que bosta