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To all people that have loading issues, use higher strength values. The rounds can only be fully stripped into the mag using brute force.
Also check out my (or Yuras') PDW-12!
Thank you for your honest review. I am surprised to know that the PDW doesn't cycle properly. Does this happen to every single cartridge? On my platform, it chewed through a whole magazine without a hitch. Try running at the exact same specifications on my laptop: 750Hz, simulation x1, 1*10^7 strength. Lower refresh rates make the weapon "explode", so I advise you not to go lower than 300Hz. If your problem is still not solved, than I will try to test my model on different laptops to see if computing power affects physics.

For the mag, DO NOT attempt to insert it by grasping the topmost cartridge. Drag on the notched grey block (near the feed lip), and the magazine will properly seat into the receiver.
Thank you for your rating. I will recommend not to pull the trigger using the drag tool, but to press "SHIFT" instead. This will reduce jamming and malfunction.
Thank you all for the positive feedback. I will try to improve the scene continuously. As for the lower refresh rates (@The Linkage), I do not know ANYTHING about scripting, sorry. I am still an Algodoo noob. I will try to make another version for lower refresh rates, but the fire rate will be greatly reduced, as all springs should be weakened and such.
Also, the magazine can be simply removed using brute force, by dragging.
Hehe. Thank you all again for being so welcoming.

@The Linkage I will try nosing around in the scripting department, although this may take some time ^^.

@ngphil Thanks for the invitation! I will look into your creations and improve them.
(@lethalsquirrel) I am flattered... Please remember that this is Yuras' gun though! I have just tweaked it to my taste.
Just tested it out for the hell of it.

First reactions:

-The gun does not look too bad.

-The stock is clearly ripped off Yuras' 12 Kar98k (and I know that because I made a thoroughly improved version of his creation) At least give him some credit

-The firing pin group can be pulled out :huh:

-The firing pin is FREE FLOATING (very strange)

-There is a last round lock, which is nice.

-The bolt is sticky, fragile, and why is it spring loaded?

-Ejection is non-existent

Love the gun. Very reliable, sound mechanism. 10/10

BTW, can you please teach the works of your "gas-operated" system? I am going to make a fully functional SVT-40, my first original creation.
Hehe:lol: I was just advertising (@Xray, @The Linkage). I guess it was enough to attract a number of downloads. I know that it is not as great as described. The "illusion" is just a gimmick, as there cannot be rotation in Algodoo. It does not affect the functionality in any way.

@The Linkage: Concerning refresh rates, I honestly am not able to make it run at 150-200 Hz. My opinion about refresh rates is the higher, the better. Although some people may not have the capable hardware to run them, higher refresh rates just make things smoother, and less buggy and more precision parts can be used. I guess ngphil's tilting bolt does have an edge over the "rotating bolt", not having springs. BUT! At higher equivalent refresh rates, the "rotating" bolt is stronger than the tilting bolt. Of course, both designs can be made stronger and stronger, but it is easier to modify the "rotating" bolt. And finally, the goal of this is not really to make an extremely strong action, but to make create a balance between cosmetics and functionality, and to allow the further development of firearms in Algodoo.

@Xray: This scene is just a concept. It is to show the mechanism behind the "rotating" bolt design. This explains the fact that there is a showcase version and a cutout version, to show the works. I do not agree with you on the "other parts" affecting the action itself. The advantages of the "rotating" bolt are that the parts stay in-line as the bolt travels, contrary to the tilting bolt. Also, the locking is firm, and thus can tolerate powerful cartridges and hot loads. The reliability of the future gun incorporating this action will totally depend on the design of the various mechanisms.
Last edited at 2014/09/04 13:10:20 by Meerkoos
@The Linkage: We each have our point of view. I want to create guns and make them as authentic as the real thing (of course, I lack experience). But at the same time, the function is important too! Take Yuras' 12 guns. They are abysmal in function (compared to your much reliable creations), but damn, his guns look good! He is a true artist, rendering all the details, while sacrificing the most important aspect of firearm creation: reliability and function.

I will try to continuously absorb and gain experience in firearm creation, but as you may see in my scenes, I am simply not a veteran. :|
@ngphil: Of course! I made this for others.
Great improvement. I love the authentic feel of the action. Keep going!
Thank you all for your positive feedback! Don't forget this is a much improved gun from Nxdt!

@ngphil I was not able to install a true recoil mechanism. A double roller feed would be more reliable anyways. Please press SHIFT to fire, as the simulated recoil makes trigger pulling difficult.
I like it! It looks and works great!
Great 1911!
@The Linkage: I may have overpowered the recoil spring. This blowback mechanism works with mechanical disadvantage (rollers act as the short end of a lever), so the more potent the recoil spring is, the more force should be used in order to set the bolt free. I upped the spring tension to emphasise the delayed action. Also, you need to be careful with the drag tool. The default max force is always infinite, so the force applied on the point is proportional to the length of the drag line. Of course, if you give it a quick tug, it would unlock easily! It is like you applied a huge amount of force on the bolt face in a very short amount if time!

This is more or less based on the H&K G3 (check to out), so I think you misinterpreted my project. It is made for powerful rifle ammo.
@The Linkage I guess weak bolt lock=delayed unlocking.

@Xray Nothing new here. I based my design on the H&K G3 bolt. Because it is a blowback mechanism, pressure exerts on the bolt face (light grey). Only a very small portion of the energy produced by the case is transferred to the red locking piece via the roller (mechanical disadvantage). The rollers act as levers, pushing on the locking piece, retracting, and setting the bolt free. Thanks for the feedback though.
Beautiful weapon. Very authentic action! Works great! I did sort of expect an AR15 style rotating bolt, just for kicks.
Hi ngphil. I just really need help with two original creations that are going to be published really soon! I got a 100% authentic Heckler & Koch G3A3 and a Browning M1911A1 in the works.

Can you please give me your Skype address or other forms of communication so we can exchange?

Thanks a million.
Hi ngphil. I just really need help with two original creations that are going to be published really soon! I got a 100% authentic Heckler & Koch G3A3 and a Browning M1911A1 in the works.

Can you please give me your Skype address or other forms of communication so we can exchange?

Thanks a million.
Great creation! I like your high-capacity box magazine!
Nice gun! I like the mechanism.
Last edited at 2015/06/15 08:36:35 by Meerkoos
Hehe. My man. You have two barrels.
Awesome work! Beautiful internals, nice snappy action, just as I would have liked it!!!
Incredible work Phil! Works flawlessly, and the skin is superb. :D
Very nice rendition! You chose to omit the magazine safety and the browning short-recoil, which is not a bad decision. A few tips though:

- The skin is great. I can see that you put a lot of effort in it. The colors are pleasant and the shading convincing. Don't forget to add details though (slide serrations, hammer ring chamfer...)

-The internals are straightforward and functional. I realised I fired full auto because the disconnector doesn't seem to do its job (I recommend adding a trigger stop block to avoid extra movement due to the drag tool, just in case). Also, the feed angle is a bit too high. The cartridges seem to have trouble getting chambered.

-Finally, I recommend strengthening the springs in order to balance the heavy mag.

Great gun! I will rate when finally released.
@the_system: I will be more than happy to take a look at it. Send it to me via Skype: thekookooskoos

Thanks for all the positive feedback!
@Anaminus Already working on it man! I am trying to finish it (the Meerkoos style skin is already done) and the mech will NOT be gas-op (I find it unnecessary). It will be an AKM though, not an AK47, so straighter stock, riveted and stamped receiver, compensator and ribbed dust cover!

I have also a Walther P38, a H&K G3A3, a M1911A1, an Uzi, a PPSh-41, a P08 Luger and a Beretta M9/92FS in the works.
Last edited at 2015/07/02 22:02:10 by Meerkoos
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