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PDW-12 V1.4 *Read Description*

screenshot of the scene

Author: Meerkoos

Group: Default

Filesize: 167.16 kB

Date added: 2014-07-20

Rating: 6.9

Downloads: 8048

Views: 890

Comments: 14

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

38 SW,
yuras 12,
machine pistol

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This may be the fastest gun on Algobox, blazing at 600RPM on default sim speed!

*PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!* It is the only way you can show me your appreciation for my work and suggestions for improvements!

Drastically improved version of Yuras' 12 SMG12. Use with 1*10^7 strength @ 500-700 Hz. As with all my scenes, ammo must be copy/pasted to avoid cluttered interface and lag.


-Cosmetically revamped to a "PDW" look. I prefer plain looking guns with no gadgets. Added iron sights, slide components, removed unnecessary geometry and fixjoints
-Chambering has been vastly improved (smoother), magazine design streamlined and tweaked.
-Firing mechanism (hammer group) is now extremely responsive and strong (springs and stop-blocks)
-Added thruster (left arrow key) to rack slide.
-Fire rate is almost realistic, due to stronger springs and parts, no need to speed up simulation.

To be improved:

-Firing rate slightly unstable, due to chambering ("bouncing" cartridges)<---Mostly fixed V1.2
-Slide locking on empty does not work properly (fixed V1.1)
-Rare jams (once every 100 rounds)
-New issue: high fire rate bugs the firing pin


-Locking on empty now works.
-Fire rate even faster, better stability
-Extremely powerful ammo (side effects include violent ejections)
-Slightly improved visuals.


-Firing pin assembly strengthened (no more broken firing pins)
-Optimized feed angle, much faster and smoother chambering
-Ejection is even more powerful and consistent
-Fire rate increased, jam probability reduced
-Minor cosmetic changes


-Fire rate increased again (550RPM on x1!)


-Increased fire rate to AN INCREDIBLE 600RPM! (x1)
-Redesigned firing pin, reducing misfires
-Better consistency in ejections
-Improved magazine follower
-Minor cosmetic changes
Last edited at 2014/08/29 14:03:09 by Meerkoos
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doesn't exactly fire correctly. the stronger springs seem to make the rounds way too weak to cycle the action, and the magazine is finicky at best to insert. do work on it, as far a a manual operation pdw, it works well XD
Thank you for your honest review. I am surprised to know that the PDW doesn't cycle properly. Does this happen to every single cartridge? On my platform, it chewed through a whole magazine without a hitch. Try running at the exact same specifications on my laptop: 750Hz, simulation x1, 1*10^7 strength. Lower refresh rates make the weapon "explode", so I advise you not to go lower than 300Hz. If your problem is still not solved, than I will try to test my model on different laptops to see if computing power affects physics.

For the mag, DO NOT attempt to insert it by grasping the topmost cartridge. Drag on the notched grey block (near the feed lip), and the magazine will properly seat into the receiver.
It shoots faster when i press the trigger harder.
But i really like it so im rating!
Last edited at 2014/07/21 12:04:29 by MrLucasManSwe
Thank you for your rating. I will recommend not to pull the trigger using the drag tool, but to press "SHIFT" instead. This will reduce jamming and malfunction.
Can't you make it run at 200 or 300 Hz? It's OK as it is, because I realize that you need that frequency to have realistic shell ejection, but you should work with scripts or anything to make it work at lower frequencies (In my opinion. I never use more than 200 or 250 Hz). I'm saying this because i'm getting 70% sim time
But the ejection is awesome, it certainly has lots of power, and works just OK.
8/10 for the frequency thing, I bother a lot with that :D
P.S How do you get an empty mag off? The lock works, but the mag has some fricton
Wow it is really really fluid and functional, 10/10 :tup:
Thank you all for the positive feedback. I will try to improve the scene continuously. As for the lower refresh rates (@The Linkage), I do not know ANYTHING about scripting, sorry. I am still an Algodoo noob. I will try to make another version for lower refresh rates, but the fire rate will be greatly reduced, as all springs should be weakened and such.
Also, the magazine can be simply removed using brute force, by dragging.
OK, thanks. You're not an algodoo noob. I already know that improving a gun is faster than making one from zero, but not really easier. Improving mechanisms that are already done is harder than making them for the first time, because you have to figure how the collision layers are used, how everything works, and such (Even if the gun you're improving was made by you).
About scripting, it's ok, you have to peek around on easy scripted scenes first and then you'll learn. I've been about 3 years here and scripting is an essential part of Algodoo, because you can make more things than only with mechanics.
You've been little time here, so don't worry
I just tested this a second time-MUCH BETTER!:D

I invite you to take a look at some of my stuff and see if you can make my guns any better. I love seeing modifications to my stuff, so I would really appreciate it. Also, I know a lot of my guns are not so great, and I work on so many things that I forget to improve some things.

Hehe. Thank you all again for being so welcoming.

@The Linkage I will try nosing around in the scripting department, although this may take some time ^^.

@ngphil Thanks for the invitation! I will look into your creations and improve them.
Holy crap...

This is one of the best guns Ive ever seen. I dont even know what to say :o
(@lethalsquirrel) I am flattered... Please remember that this is Yuras' gun though! I have just tweaked it to my taste.
I am russian кто ещё русский?