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Walther PPK. Realistic Fire Speed.

screenshot of the scene

Author: lethalsquirrel

Group: Default

Filesize: 273.85 kB

Date added: 2015-04-07

Rating: 7.1

Downloads: 4498

Views: 1661

Comments: 9

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This is a little build off between me and ngphil. at the same time it was challenge to myself to build the fastest gun I could by any means necessary.

More info in scene. :tup:

This gun might not work well on slower computers. Here is a video of how it should work.
Last edited at 2015/04/11 13:31:11 by lethalsquirrel
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Brilliant! I love your more mechanically-visual approach
Awesome work! Beautiful internals, nice snappy action, just as I would have liked it!!!
Thanks, Meerkoos!
You were my inspiration for this gun :blush:
"This gun might not work well on slower computers"
I'm getting 60% sim time unless I delete the second mag, and i'm on decent hardware. Maybe you can try spawning a mag?
It looks damn awesome anyways. I tried doing the same with my Glock but it was even more unrealistic <_<
I have a custom pc with a core i7 3770k clocked at 4.5ghz and 16gb of ram and 2 gtx 660ti video cards lol. Barely any scenes lag for me so it's hard to tell if my scenes will lag for other people. This scene doesn't even lag my pc at 1000hz. But anyways thanks for the feedback. I'll try to use a lower aim speed next time I make a gun lol.
Last edited at 2015/04/12 23:20:08 by lethalsquirrel
Damn i7s. I've got an fx6300 at 4 GHz, 4 miserable gigs at 1333 MHz and an r9 280 (but videocards don't do anything here, my integrated hd3000 pulled out 60 FPS too!)
thats not a bad system at all. the ram is your downfall my friend. And you're right, video cards dont do anything for algodoo. I was thinking there was some sort of directx rendering but I guess not.
Last edited at 2015/04/14 02:16:37 by lethalsquirrel
This scene ran fine for me on a GTX 750, 8 Gbs of ram, and an AMD FX-6300:P
i wanna join this. i have a Intel(R) core(TM) i3-3240 3.40GHz Quad-core and 8gb of ram with a berely working NVidia Gt630 2gb :( )|(