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The most REALISTIC Revolver (tech demo)

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Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.76 MB

Date added: 2015-01-25

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 8013

Views: 770

Comments: 17

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Thought this was impossible? Not for NGPhil:P
This is a tech demo, so future iterations will involve great improvements and fixes. This is by FAR the most fun I've had creating a new concept. Though new concepts never go without some problems, this one is relatively reliable.

To use: take a new cartridge and load it into the RED area on the Cylinder. Drag it forward until the black circles on the cylinder rotate one step. repeat until all six rounds are loaded. If a round fails to load, pull it out gently and try again.

Once the cylinder is full (or loaded to desired capacity), carefully drag it into battery. Then, the revolver functions as any expected double-action/single-action revolver should.

To unload, push forward on the safety until the cylinder drops slightly. Then, drag the cylinder out until it stops. Push on the plunger attached to the cylinder to remove each shell individually. The cylinder should rotate automatically with every pull of the plunger, and the shell should be ejected.

Instructional Video to Aid in operation:
Last edited at 2015/01/25 23:06:25 by ngphil
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I said you could do it lol!
Nice work man:)
Hi ngphil. I just really need help with two original creations that are going to be published really soon! I got a 100% authentic Heckler & Koch G3A3 and a Browning M1911A1 in the works.

Can you please give me your Skype address or other forms of communication so we can exchange?

Thanks a million.
The most GLITCHIEST Revolver Ever!
Meerkoos, of course! Be advised I am quite busy with college, but I do occasionally have some free time. Contact me via Skype at ngphil22
@Anaminus: Glitchy? I guess it was a typing mistake, and should be "i didn'tz readz enstrectiounz vrey cerfulley n neow ei em compleining" instead.

@ngphil: THAT is some pretty cool stuff! Never seen something like this before! Cool stuff on your profile, like dat, respect. _o_
Thanks man!
this is amazing, since much try to make a gun but difisil was always to make the rotating part.

You felisito!
manuel, dificil = hard, felicito = greet
Hey, you should make teh AKS-74U. Dissassemble. 30 rounds, 5.45x39mm. Made in Russia.
I read the instructions you dingbat. Its still glitchy as hell. Revolvers are impossible on a 2d physics sandbox. It will explode under minimal force. Overall, this scene is mediocre at best.
Anaminus, you've got a big mouth. I challenge you to attempt to create a better effect. This is a TECH DEMO, not a polished product. Do better, and I will bow to you
Felidae, I will definitely give it a shot!
just shut up Anaminus
No, super.:)
Well. VERY realistic. but ONE. COMPLAINT. i literally cannot load guns without breaking them. this one literally loads like a charm, if I do it right. im also gonna release a sponge guntest phunlet in my scenes, so keep a lookout. the idea is to see how strong it actually is, cuz not many guns can penetraate this "widget". also #$@% you, Anaminus2 for not shiuttin' up
Also, the one complaint, is that i cant load your guns without braking them:bonk: