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Rotating Bolt Concept *READ DESCRIPTION*

screenshot of the scene

Author: Meerkoos

Group: Default

Filesize: 42.35 kB

Date added: 2014-09-03

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 2810

Views: 463

Comments: 10

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

rotating bolt,
gun bolt

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Finally! _o_ I have developed a simple, reliable, pretty and functional rotating bolt! It features rear locking lugs, as front ones aren't as reliable for some reason. This opens up a whole new world of firearm technology in Algodoo!


-Incredibely strong locking lugs (the higher the refresh rate, the firmer)
-Almost perfect illusion of rotation.
-Like the real counterpart, requires bolt carrier.
-Very modifiable, exceedingly simple and effective mechanism.
Last edited at 2014/09/06 20:57:52 by Meerkoos
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The illusion is not very strong, but who cares! This is very well done. A tilting bolt may be firmer than this one because of the fewer parts but you can script it a little and it will work perfect
Well the frequency is one big problem you got there buddy :( always try to make it work at 100 or 150 hz if possible because high-freq guns are hard to run @ 100% sim time
According to your description, this bolt mechanism is:

simple, reliable, pretty, functional, incredibly strong, almost perfect illusion of rotation, very modifiable, exceedingly simple, and last but not
least, effective. Wow, that sounds just like President Obama describing himself! :lol:

Well, kidding aside, this bolt does seem to be fairly well made, and it certainly is simple, but I have seen bolts on Algodoo rifles (the ones made by ngphil for example) that are as good if not better than this one. And concerning the rotation illusion, I honestly do not see it. When I pull back the bolt (I assume that I'm supposed to grab the red rectangle) nothing seems to rotate. Am I doing something wrong? :s Also, you show two bolt mechanisms in the scene that are slightly different. Why?

There are of course a lot of other parts that are not shown here which could affect how the bolt operates if they were installed (e.g., the firing pin, the extractor, the ejector, the bolt handle, etc.). And of course it may operate poorly or fail to operate at all when installed in a rifle with live ammo in the magazine.

So, in summary, I think you did a good job on the mechanism, but I do not think that it's as great as you described it. Sorry, but that's my honest opinion. And concerning your rather bold statement, "This opens up a whole new world of firearm technology in Algodoo!", I highly doubt that.
Hehe:lol: I was just advertising (@Xray, @The Linkage). I guess it was enough to attract a number of downloads. I know that it is not as great as described. The "illusion" is just a gimmick, as there cannot be rotation in Algodoo. It does not affect the functionality in any way.

@The Linkage: Concerning refresh rates, I honestly am not able to make it run at 150-200 Hz. My opinion about refresh rates is the higher, the better. Although some people may not have the capable hardware to run them, higher refresh rates just make things smoother, and less buggy and more precision parts can be used. I guess ngphil's tilting bolt does have an edge over the "rotating bolt", not having springs. BUT! At higher equivalent refresh rates, the "rotating" bolt is stronger than the tilting bolt. Of course, both designs can be made stronger and stronger, but it is easier to modify the "rotating" bolt. And finally, the goal of this is not really to make an extremely strong action, but to make create a balance between cosmetics and functionality, and to allow the further development of firearms in Algodoo.

@Xray: This scene is just a concept. It is to show the mechanism behind the "rotating" bolt design. This explains the fact that there is a showcase version and a cutout version, to show the works. I do not agree with you on the "other parts" affecting the action itself. The advantages of the "rotating" bolt are that the parts stay in-line as the bolt travels, contrary to the tilting bolt. Also, the locking is firm, and thus can tolerate powerful cartridges and hot loads. The reliability of the future gun incorporating this action will totally depend on the design of the various mechanisms.
Last edited at 2014/09/04 13:10:20 by Meerkoos
Algodoo firearms' mechs seem more functional than cosmetic to me. Phil has managed to make lots of guns work at 100 Hz with gas piston and scripts (which seems legit to me) but if you make a gun with (let's say) 30 rounds, and 100/150 polygons for the body part of the gun (and let's not talk about two or three mags) and make it work at 500/600/700 Hz, you can cook upon your computer, and Algodoo will work @50% sim time in i5s
It depends on the use. The higher the better, sure, but if it won't be used in a scene woth lots of moving parts
@The Linkage: We each have our point of view. I want to create guns and make them as authentic as the real thing (of course, I lack experience). But at the same time, the function is important too! Take Yuras' 12 guns. They are abysmal in function (compared to your much reliable creations), but damn, his guns look good! He is a true artist, rendering all the details, while sacrificing the most important aspect of firearm creation: reliability and function.

I will try to continuously absorb and gain experience in firearm creation, but as you may see in my scenes, I am simply not a veteran. :|
Just don't use 700 Hz please
May I use and modify this concept in the future? I will give credit to you, most definitely. I think I can find a way to improve this to some degree.
@ngphil: Of course! I made this for others.