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It's a very nice machine:) !!!
Where can I learn about scripts?
Are you kidding? Is your IQ more than 70? :y
Last edited at 2009/04/10 20:06:29 by lustitaj
:coolgrin: It's greate and had to take lot of time to build it !!! Don't listen to them 10/10 :tup:
@N00Bs: 16 bit textures, anti aliasing don't draw hinges at running, destroy some buildings OR buy better PC8|

:huh: It's not a segway:o Try to do it with water in a circle to balance it better8|
:tup: Very good idea!!! Good luck with your project
OK it's only a few SECONDS:lol:
greate game:tup: :tup: :tup:
Yes, it doesn't looks like a nuclear bomb because in reality the powerfull particles kollide with other (like in the air or in the housing of the bomb) shaering the energy between all this material and causing a massive explosion8| but there are only the basic elements of an atom bomb:yum:
It's simple, but cleaver. I like it 8/10 :tup:
Hey!!! I'm a newbie and i learn scripting so i'm very proud of it and i said don't rate or comment guys... I'm not so good as you at phun but i want to get better. If you want i won't show my scenes on phunbox.
Good job and nice idea:tup:
Could you please tell me how do you make the spawned balls glued to background?
I didn't saw anything of that universe so i have played around with the scene.
I have added this code ;scene.addpen {pos := [e.pos(0), e.pos(1)-2]; size := 0.1; color := [1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0]} after the circle spawn in the spawners and it looked like... sperm :blink:
Ok the image is back.

The algobox didn't wanted a .phz file. I just tried a phn and it worked... Now it is a normal phz file i think but the hinges spawn isn't working right as I see. the hinges aren't connecting the big circle to the spawned circles... To make the code could work i spawned the big circle and gave it a geomID of 1. Is there a possibility to phun to change the geomID of existing objects? I really don't know what to do..
:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
Idk what your computer is but the phun welcome scene cause more lag as this. And i'm not sure if this bomb could be used anywhere, because the whole space that isn't covered by the 4 planes is the bomb itself. Please stop spamming with this scenes like a circle that fall... Everyone can do it himself if he really need this
So my rating is
:tup: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: (1/10)
You can play with it just like you can play with phun but it wasn't meant as a game. Explanations are at every step ("sorry for bad english":lol: ). You don't HAVE TO do anything, like making the colors evolve or so. I just wanted to show you what I've done.
Oh and another code that you can type in the console if it isn't going :
going = true
The numbers in the black boxes tell you what you should read first :)
Please tell me if the scene is working well. Are there smoothly color changing parts? Does the circles connect ? It's nothing special but you can try it out. Mayby it inspire you?

Please rate and comment (also low) but please do something. I see that everyday there are new views and downloads but no opinions.
Comments like this:
" Wow :o awsom man !!! _o_ _o_ :tup: 10/10 LOL"
are also welcome:rolleyes:
Last edited at 2010/03/20 13:56:32 by lustitaj
Hey this is really cool! The galaxy collision that genrolejune newly made using your scene is also realy cool. It's just annoying that the "belts" are melting together into one circle. Mayby attraction between the stars could solve this?
Last edited at 2010/03/18 11:30:07 by lustitaj
:huh: ?
Edit: Sorry didn't saw the laser on pic :blush: Got phun
Last edited at 2010/03/18 15:51:14 by lustitaj
I like it :tup:
Well I don't know what's wrong. If you're using algodoo try with phun, if it's phun then idk. Drag the balls under \/ the red area from their boxes. If they hit the green ones then they should turn into algea. Can't help you more :(
I know. Non-fixable i think, because phun changes ID's at scene loading...:mad:
Well. It's an old scene. Your choise.
Boring because of... doing nothing special? Or beeing too slow or what? Oh and cellers - i've fixed your granades. You can't use 0 density for killing objects, because this will crash Phun.
oups... sorry. Try to fix it using another destroy method as the 0 density.
Nice!!! Very usefull:)
Very good! Are you going to make it behave like a real ant? I mean real ants are just walking around hoping they find something they could eate. What you made is very impressive, but are you going to make the whole walking system only with lasers or do you want to make the ant drop feromones if it finds some "food" and bring it to a "nest" and so.. you know. Just ant-like stuff? Or is it a robot? I'm confused:/
10 / 10
Last edited at 2010/04/27 14:25:30 by lustitaj
Wow this is really... greate:tup:
Ok... and why is my scene boring?:huh:
Yes it does! In Algodoo you have to rotate the probe 180 degree. Then it's working. Wow this is just amazing:)
Well done :tup: It's truly inspiring:)
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