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Hi, I hope u don't mind that I uploaded a scene with ur gun in it, I also gave u credit.

I like the gun and I detached it from the background to see if it still works when it's lying loose. The result was that I had to make the recoil spring weaker, but now it works GREAT and u can see the recoil.
Hi, it's me, the guy that rebuilt this gun in Lego. I really think ur phun guns are the BEST and I managed to upgrade some of them with "auto-trigger" (u press return to shoot and right / left arrows to reload the lever action rifle) that allows me to shoot alot faster. I also sped them all up to make the ROF more realistic.

Do u think u can make a semi / full auto Glock 18 c with the same internals like the real one? This picture might help u:

And I'd also like to know what u think about my Lego version of the Y12 SMG
Thx :) , good to know! Btw, I really need some tips for making phun guns, especially how to make the bullets "double stack" in the magazine coz I already tried many guns but they always failed. The Glock 18 was the last gun I tried and that was the reason for me to ask u if u could make one, too bad u won't :( . But maybe I can try myself if u give me some tips.

Oh, btw, do u always try to use a realistic mechanism? I do, coz I wanna show how the original works. Maybe that's the problem?
The M85 is an electric AIRSOFT gun! The name u should have taken for this is "G36c"!
The only thing I have to complain about is that u attached the wire to the nose of the glider. That's for take-offs with a plane that pulls the glider. In this case the wire should be attached to a hook right in front of the landing gear. I guess that's no big deal to change, but you should correct that.

(And u can believe me with that, I'm in a gliding club and know how to winch launch or car launch a glider)
I'd say ur bullets are WAY to complicated. Make simpler bullets that consist of:

-primer (killed by firing pin)
-spring holding part in the TIP of the bullet (that is killed when the bullet reaches a certain point of the barrel)

The bullets u made consist of WAY more parts than necessary and do also have too weak recoil.

Maybe I didn't make a working gun yet, but I know what's needed for that.
You shouldn't have mixed up the MP 5 and the UMP 45. The result is terrible.:grr:
But then it'S definitely not the standard version which has a completely different handguard and a retractable stock instead of a folding stock.

And still, looks terrible
I know that the UMP fires .45

What I meant is that u used the stock and hand guard of a UMP and the rest is MP5 and it looks just terrible:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:
Hi, it's me again, after that long time.

U won't believe what I just did: I bought 10 9mm shots from different guns, at a shooting range in Germany. Stay tuned for the video of that!

Nice new gun here, btw.:coolgrin:
This gun RULZ!!!:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:

Also made a video about it and gonna put it up on Youtube (with credit and a link to ur profile, of course).
Credit to Yuras12 u N00B!
This isn't a Glock, this is just a
"crappy fail that doesn't look like a Glock"
which should also be the title for this

:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:
How about u give the one u took this car from credit?

Otherwise ur a THIEF :grr:
1st: I already put the reliability problems in the description and the bullets spin coz there's no actual barrel on it. I'll have a go at that today.

2nd: This damn asshole doesn't deserve any respect, he shall p1ss the fuck off my site if he can't deal with the fact that my skins look better than his (as u can probably see I added many little details to this 1).
The gun is great!

I just don't like the fact that it has no mag.
@ world-ender

1st: This is a TWO-D program, not THREE-D, so there's no way to do that!

2nd: I'm actually a Phun Gun BEGINNER, as u can see I didn't even manage to make it work without jams.
Tricky to handle but it spit out all 15 rounds when I shot it. I had no jams. I simply switched the gravity off so that the shells flew away from it.
Sorry, forgot to make the vid! Gonna do that right now.
@ world-ender

I know, but the gun is finished and I'm not gonna work on it anymore.
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Sorry but the colors are awful and the bullets look like crap. The reloading fails alot and the gun is easy to mess up but not easy to handle


EDIT: I suggest u have a look at mine, I think I did a whole lot better
Last edited at 2011/07/26 19:05:37 by DualDesertEagle
@ jmloudon97

Thanks :)
@ Latvietis6 Hey, retard, there's also a thing called REAL LIFE where this thing also exists! Not every gun u see is taken from Call of Crap Modern Whorefare 2 or whatever that gay piece of crap is called!

@ FerxDlol I recommend that u check out the one I uploaded, it has a realistic shooting mech and a more detailed skin.
To EVERYONE!!! Go to my profile to see a WAY BETTER G36c
@ Yezzz

There is no gas system in there, it's a "standard" Phun gun (Bolt driven backwards by the shell). And no, I won't do anything else to the safety coz I actually like it that way. That might be a weird coincidence, but I have a G36c GBB airsoft rifle that has the same "problem".

Why I like it that way?

Well, which non-loaded and non-cocked gun needs to be put on safe?
I'd recommend to make ur own gun instead of using a finished gun and changing it. I'd just leave the tutorial rifle as it is and then make my own gun and my own cartridges, with the same collision groups as on the tutorial rifle.

And I recommend to try out The G36 I made together with Yuras12
And now make a CURVED mag and make a skin that is NOT just cut out of a PICTURE!
Wow, u can cut out stuff from pictures, I'm so impressed (SARCASM!!!!!!!!!)!

Have a look at the G36C on my profile (yes, the one I made together with Yuras12) to see how a PRO makes a skin (The pro in this case is ME coz I made the skin)!

So what? Check out the G36C on my profile which has a CURVED mag, better-looking bullets and a 100% correct shape!

EDIT: And the HK-416 has an M4-STYLE charging handle, NOT G3-style!

:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
Last edited at 2011/10/10 22:55:52 by DualDesertEagle

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