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screenshot of the scene

Author: yuras12

Group: Polish

Filesize: 133.19 kB

Date added: 2009-12-20

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 22428

Views: 4700

Comments: 38

Ratings: 19

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Y12 45.ACP SMG.

To shoot:
1. Pull the mag in. (weapon is allready cocked and it fires from open bolt)
2. Set the firemode ("S" for safe, and "A" for auto)
3. Pull the trigger.
4. If the mag is empty, remove it just by pulling it out.

Weapon has integrated 20mm grenade launcher: (to fire grenade launcher)
5. Open the GL and slide the grenade in. (GL opens downwards, IT DOESN'T SLIDE like the M203 does)
6. Set the firemode on "GL".
7. Pull the trigger.
8. Open the GL for reload.

ALWAYS SET THE LEVER DIRECTLY ON THE CHOOSEN FIRE MODE! Do never leave the lever half of the way between firemodes.
This one was pretty fun to do, it jamms sometimes, but I think its obvious. :P
Have Phun.

[UPDATE]: Solved the problem with the firemodes selection while bolt is closed.
Last edited at 2009/12/22 14:09:13 by yuras12
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this is amazing 10/10
It would be better if the grenades explode
Your guns are great! Keep em coming.:tup:
AWSOME! 10/10_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ I made a laser fore it :coolgrin:
Last edited at 2009/12/20 23:28:02 by LordArga
i just noticed you have picatinny rails on the gun. can i create a EOtech sight and re-upload?
hey, Y12, is it possible you can upload a Frag-12 shotgun shell as a phunlet for use with your shotguns? (Mossberg, AA12, Double-barreled)
SWEET!!! I see how you used the grip from your walther. Good job! 10/10
I love the phun guns!!:D its so nice! good job! 4.9/5 (0.1 because the mg fire's slowly;) oke i know i can speed this thing all up, but I must heve something to complain abaout he ;D
My Cool Name
Yes, You can upload it as a response to this scene. Just give me the credit for original rifle.
And its possible only to do same shells for mossberg and AA-12, since double-barreled uses much longer shell.
looks like tar-21+pp2000 from modern warfare 2
dude plz man make a ak 47
AWsome!!!! 10/10 ps:

plz make ak47
nope. it's virtually impossible to create something as rugged and reliable as an kalashnikov in algodoo/phun
or p90
@logan101 P90 would require 3D rendering, as the bullets are held in the magazine sideways, then rotated forward.


I like this gun! one thing that bugs me a little is the fact that when the bolt is closed forward (no magazine in gun) you can not move the fire selector to safe or GL.
This one seems to jam a bit more often than your other guns. 9/10
As always, it would be a lot better if your guns had a KICK from the recoil.
were do i put mag in and nice gun
Last edited at 2009/12/21 22:48:11 by ilikephun
Problem solved.

Put the mag in right under the shell ejecting window.
Last edited at 2009/12/22 14:10:47 by yuras12
plz plz plz plz wee need the ak 47
G-18 PLZ
ok well ya i can see that

(can you try a mag in 2d shells all lined up with the fire mechanism) your guns rock:tup: :tup:
Can you make a bullet tutorial
you should make a KRISS. But the mechanism is pretty unique. I bet u could do it.
that would be nice
g18 g18!!!!!!!!!:)
very good weapons you good weapons maker! yarus!
One noob question. When i put the mag in, set to auto fire and pull the trigger... it does nothing. I use the algodoo phun edition.Could someone please help me with this?:s
I hope you are not trying to fire it from closed bolt. Whitch way did you moved the fire mode selector?
No, i'm leaving the bolt as it is, and i rotated the fire selector on Auto.
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