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screenshot of the scene

Author: DualDesertEagle

Group: Default

Filesize: 326.04 kB

Date added: 2011-02-02

Rating: 4.2

Downloads: 1773

Views: 1197

Comments: 9

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun

FN P90,
submachine gun,
full auto,

Scene tag

This is probably one of the first Phun P90 that shoot BULLETS instead of balls and also one of the first that actually LOOK like a P90. I think I got the skin pretty well. To shoot u need to pull the charging handle (The kinda ear-shaped thingy right behind the barrel) and either pull the trigger or press return.

Unfortunately it's VERY unreliable (It's my first own Phun gun, the first I needed no help with (except that Yuras12 gave me a few tips, but I made the gun myself). But as long as it works it will spit out all 10 bullets on full-auto, ejecting the empty casings through the bottom, like the real 1.
I tried to make a 50-round mag, but it wouldn't have worked the way I made it, so I reduced the capacity to 10 rounds (How I made it? I used a little trick, the original mag doesn't work at all).

The mechanism may be worth a "1" or "2" rating, but the skin should be at least 5, so pls don't rate too low

EDIT: Managed to make the gun a bit more reliable

(Don't forget to rate and comment at all;) )

One more thing:

DON'T STEAL THIS!!!! I can't stop u from uploading it, but if u do so GIVE ME CREDIT!!!!
Last edited at 2011/12/15 13:08:56 by DualDesertEagle
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omgomg this s my favorite gun !!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10_o_
@DualDesertEagle: That's the way of getting high ratings and respect -.-

Btw it's around 70m wide. Jammes alot, and the bullets are spinning in the air.
Next time, have respect for the downloaders and learn to take some critic.
I'm not going to rate it because I'm going to be nice at you.
I broke it!
looks good, hardly works.
I love P90's
1st: I already put the reliability problems in the description and the bullets spin coz there's no actual barrel on it. I'll have a go at that today.

2nd: This damn asshole doesn't deserve any respect, he shall p1ss the fuck off my site if he can't deal with the fact that my skins look better than his (as u can probably see I added many little details to this 1).
expert skin design. try having the bullets horizontal and rotate at the end of the mag, you can extend the mag capacy that way.
@ world-ender

1st: This is a TWO-D program, not THREE-D, so there's no way to do that!

2nd: I'm actually a Phun Gun BEGINNER, as u can see I didn't even manage to make it work without jams.
Can you send me the file for phun, i cleared my hard drive and they closed off phun, so i need a new copy. Plz?
Tip, to dual stack you set the shell as "No Self collision"
@ world-ender

I know, but the gun is finished and I'm not gonna work on it anymore.
Last edited at 2011/12/15 18:30:50 by DualDesertEagle