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Phun coop-project by Yuras12 and me: G36c READ DESCRIPTION!!!!

screenshot of the scene

Author: DualDesertEagle

Group: Default

Filesize: 149.36 kB

Date added: 2011-08-06

Rating: 7

Downloads: 8082

Views: 1639

Comments: 21

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun

assault rifle

Scene tag

Yuras12 and me made this gun together. He made the shooting mech and bullet and fixed problems while I made the skin, bolt catch, trigger group and mag.

This is the result.

How to operate:

1. Carefully drag the mag in.
2. rack the bolt to load the first bullet.
3. Turn the safety off by switching the fire selector to E or F (these are the original german fire selector markings, E stands for "Einzelschuss" ("single shot") and F for "Feuersto▀" ("burst"). U can either drag the fire selector or use the left and right arrow keys to switch around.
4. pull the trigger or press return.

When the mag is empty the bolt should stay back, and still stay back when the mag is removed. After reloading u need to pull the bolt back just a bit and then let it go. U can also activate the bolt catch manually: Pull the bolt back, hold the up arrow key and let the bolt go.

NOTE: The gun can only be put on safe when the hammer is cocked, otherwise it'll either stop shortly before "S" or mess the gun up when u drag it.

If ur gonna use this gun in one of ur scenes give Yuras12 and me some credit, will u?

EDIT: corrected the charging handle a bit and put the invisible rectangle that helps grabbing it behind it so u can drag shells off the gun.

Here's a video of this gun (before the correction):

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Last edited at 2012/01/14 21:42:35 by DualDesertEagle
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i love it
Doesn't seem to eject spent casings very well. Other than that it's great. 9/10
The gas system is realy smooth now... The savety thingy needs some work:tup:
@ Yezzz

There is no gas system in there, it's a "standard" Phun gun (Bolt driven backwards by the shell). And no, I won't do anything else to the safety coz I actually like it that way. That might be a weird coincidence, but I have a G36c GBB airsoft rifle that has the same "problem".

Why I like it that way?

Well, which non-loaded and non-cocked gun needs to be put on safe?
really awesome!!!congratulations:tup: _o_
@Yezz @Dualdeserteagle The real G36c uses a blowback system, if he put a gas system in it would work like crap and make it incredibly unreliable. The standard G36, G36E, G36k, G36v, Ect. uses a gas system.
Last edited at 2012/01/31 19:20:59 by world-ender
Wrong, ALL rifles and therefore ALL G36 versions (which are G36C, K, CK, E ,CE and KE btw) use a gas system!

That's also why some of ur Yuras12 mods wouldn't even work in real life (like the Kel-tec and the Dragunov, like ALL rifles they are gas operated and not recoil operated (which is the correct term btw). And I bet u didn't even know that the Desert Eagle is also gas operated.
Last edited at 2012/02/01 06:35:39 by DualDesertEagle
I knew that, And the G36E was changed to the V for some reason. (E for Export V for i have no clue I'm not German.) And i know they wouldent work in real life.
Did you know that there is a 13MM rocket pistol called the GyroGet? Did you know there is a model of a Luger with a extended barrel and full stock? Did you know that the desert eagle was precceded by the .44 AMP AutoMag pistol? Did you know that the AKS-47, and AKS-47U uses the NATO standard 5.56x45MM round instead of the 7.62x32MM Soviet? Did you know the PPSH-41 and Tokerev TT33 uses a 7.26 pistol round?
Did you know the FN Five Seven uses a 5.7MM round like the P90.
Did you know that the first recoil operated machine gun was the Maxim M2? (I felt like spewing facts. If i'm wrong I will accept that, but i study Firearms like there is no tommorow, ask me a question and there is a high chance that i will get it right. No offence but i got a tad angry when you said that i didn't know the DE was Gas operated, it was the first pistol to do so.) If you want to have a gun fact war, go ahead. we shall see who will win... (LOL)
Last edited at 2012/02/01 17:40:15 by world-ender
I even tried to MAKE the Gyro Jet and I know that there are carbine versions of it aswell and that the rockets cost around 50 $ each. And the accuracy sux, the short-range power sux (u could even hold ur hand on the muzzle and wouldn't get hhurt by the rocket) but the rockets have twice the power of a .45 when they have enough time to accelerate, the gun holds 6 rounds and is made of 2 half shells like an airsoft gb.

And I know there's a stock to attach to the handle of the Luger, and that there's an "Artillery Luger" with very long barrel and hand guard. And there are weird-looking drum mags for it

I know that the Deagle MK1 was .44 Mag and had a slightly different look of the safety and slide

I know that ur wrong with the AKS-47U (aka Krinkov, fires 7.62 x 3>>9<< either) coz it's the AKS-74U that ur talkin' about

I know that almost ALL russian pistols and SMGs use 7.62x25 pistol rounds and also that the TT33 can also be switched to 9mm

I know that both the P90 and the 5-7 fire 5.7x28mm rds and that the M249 aka FN Minimi is from Fabrique Nationale Herstal too

I know, I know, I know, I know.......

I could go on like that all day if I wanted

EDIT: G36 "V" is 1 of the OLD terms btw. "C", "K", "CK" and so on are the NEW terms and definitely easier to understand
Last edited at 2012/02/01 18:45:44 by DualDesertEagle
it seem i have finally met someone that has my ossesions with weaponry. And the M249 is actually a modification of the Minimi. The Minimi is made in belgium. That and the Gyroget ammo is more around one hundred dollars. the Gyroget is actually simple to make in phun. It operates by a hammer striking the rocket on the nose, driving it onto a firing pin, igniting the primer and sending the rocket flying, running over the hammer and re-cocking it for the next shot. (I got this from the top of my head.) Back to your last comment, not all rifles are gas. MG42 for example, "Hitlers Buzzsaw." or the PHASR rifle. (Personnel Halting And Stimulation Rifle.) or the less common G11, that never was mass-produced. I enjoy the fact that there is someone other than me that knows this stuff. if you want to meet someone else that knows this, look up 556fmj. HE IS A GUN GOD.
[Edit] No, not a diffrent Desert Eagle in .44 cal, a pistol called the .44 AMP Automag, look it up.
Last edited at 2012/02/01 19:28:19 by world-ender
I know how it works, otherwise it wouldn't have made sense even TRYING to make it

And I know what the Automag is and I think it looks awful
It's fun to shoot though.:) I'm going to try the Gyroget anyway. You said I suck at making skins, I tried again from scratch, that and most of the things I make we're made in 30 minutes or less. I made a new one, you think we can make peace and you can tell me how I did?
(PS. The Gyrojet seems that it would be easy to make, but I guess I don't know cuz I havn't tried.)
I never said we're in a war. Of course I can have a look at it and telll u how u did.

*goes to ur profile and tries the "Realistic Firearm"*

The skin is definitely better than on the other guns, but maybe u should stop using the Phun textures. On the hand guard it looks good, but not on the stock.

Also, lower the friction a bit so that the cartridges slide in by themselves and make the hammer spring a bit stronger. And an ejector would be helpful. I'm currently workin' on a sawn-off M79 where I made a part that pushes the shells out a bit when the barrel is open. That makes it easier to grab it even when u zoomed out a bit.
Just gotta get some more ideas for ammo types. At the moment I have practice rounds (solid) and 40-mm-buckshots. Also wanna make explosive rounds and flares for it.
Is there any way we can make this conversation more instatanious? I'm drawing a blank.
Maybe a flechette round? For the frag round you can have it when it leaves the barrel it delets a peice holding back a circle that... Aw screw it, its hard to explain, I'll make a frag for it to show you. It's simple once you see it.
And for making the spring stronger, it will fire then once you close the barrel without pulling the hammer back. I was trying to make it realistic. So the shell just sliding in doesn't make it realistic. Rating? ?/10?
When u drop a shell into the angled barrel of a break-action gun it's gonna slide all the way into the chamber. It's not just gonna stop half way inside.

At the moment I'd give the gun a 6 for working without any flaws but the friction thing most of the time. But I had some misfires where the bullets got stuck in the barrel. The skin is ok, like I already said. Could be a bit more if u fixed those 2 problems.
I have a Single-Shot .410, it does NOT slide in, much to my dismay. That and the ejection pops it out about halfway when I open it.
The .410 shotgun shells? They have a plastic "casing" which may behave slightly different than (heavier) brass casings
I also use .41 S&W in it, .410 shotguns can also accept .45 ACP too. They don't slide in ether. And i own a .223 single shot hunting rifle as well, it doesn't slide in either, the make it not slide so it is more accurate. Unlike the assault rifles of today. Oh, and my bad about the AK-74, it shoots a 5.45x39MM round instead. WHOOPS.
One last thing about the Deagle, I like the look of the MK1 the best.
I posted a better one now, how about that one?
it runs soo well on full auto 10/10_o_ :lol: :tup: