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AK 102

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Author: yuras12

Group: Polish

Filesize: 149.73 kB

Date added: 2011-05-01

Rating: 7.7

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Comments: 26

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Made with: Phun


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AK 102 5.56x45 NATO rifle.

IMPORTANT Read the instruction - weapon has a lot of features. ;)

Its more like a model rifle, a compromise between realism of operation and reliability, and it uses exactly the same locking & gas operation like my shotgun.
It likes to explode and misfire, also spent case ejection works like crap. It's nowhere near as reliable as the real AK.

To shoot:
1. Pull the mag in. (mags are refillable, due to the lag there are only 15 cartridges, 5 in the mag and 10 outside, you can load full 30 if your computer can handle it)
IMPORTANT - mags are AK like, so you have to put it right side first, and then swing it up to lock it. If you don't know what it means, just watch some movies of AK reload.
2. Turn the safety off. (weapon cannot be cocked with safety on - just like real AK)
It has 2 fire modes + safe, lowest setting is for semi-auto.
3. Cock the weapon.
4. Pull the trigger. (its safer to just push the return/enter key) Try to throw away spent cases if they land close to the bolt, they can easily jamm it.
5. If the mag is empty, remove it using mag release lever.

Weapon can be disassembled just like the real AK (including gas tube, only trigger group and bolt group cannot be disassembled, cleaning rod cannot be removed), so watch some movies if you want to know how to do it. ;)

Big thanks for DualDesertEagle for making the video.:D

Last edited at 2011/12/22 22:49:43 by yuras12
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Everyone has always worshiped your guns but for the most part wasn't impressed. I saw infinitely better guns get ignored in favor of yours. Your recent work though, is far and above ALMOST anything i have ever seen done in algodoo. Very impressive stuff.
I noticed one problem with this weapon: The bolt would not load the cartridge into the firing chamber, a major problem. The magazine did not insert far enough for it to feed properly. Also, just a minor complaint: the sights are not adjustable. :( . The little throwaways like adjustable sights make weapons infinitely better.
Just pull the mag out and then back in. Mags are working fine, probably you just did something wrong.
okay. Thank you for the advice.
ARGH! it still doesnt work.
wow at first i thought it was crap then i re read the instructions and fired in slow motion and was amazed at how straight the bullet flys!!!
10/10 buddy! :tup:
for your next gun could you make a ruger .22 semi automatic? _o_
plz it's my favourite gun (only coz it's the only gun i've fired lol)
James (fishermanjf)
Kurde, znów zamówienia. Współczuję Ci. Btw. Czym różni się 102 od chociażby 74?
Kalibrem i długością lufy, jest też sporo kosmetycznych zmian. Poczytaj sobie o wersjach AK.
i cant even get the mag in so i wont rate untill i get told how to do it
Tricky to handle but it spit out all 15 rounds when I shot it. I had no jams. I simply switched the gravity off so that the shells flew away from it.
I've played around with this a bit more, and I figured out how to load the magazines, and now I can give you a rating: I was VERY disappointed with this rifle. :( I have never been disappointed with one of Yuras's guns, but this was the first. It is near impossible to load a mag, and the slide does not lock back when the mag is empty. (The real AK does that) Also, the gun runs very slowly and is not reliable. The dissassembly feature is unreliable also. The internals cover will come off no matter what. The internal barrel (gray) is stuck inside the black barrel cover, so if you attempt to remove either of them, the firing pin breaks out of the grey barrel. :tdown: Do it better next time. (You should try making a Glock with dissassembly features, that would be really popular) :grr:
No, real ak without modifications has no bolt-stop device, so it doesn't lock the bolt after the last shot!
Disassembly feature works good, I have tried it out several times before releasing the gun, and there are no problems with it at all. Gun runs slowly because its gas operated and uses rotary bolt lock (simulated by mechanism). I guess I'm going to make a movie because 95% of people don't know anything about real AK.
i like it one of best guns ever made :)
try to make a magnum
Dude, this is a 2D software! How would he make a Magnum with a 2D system?! The Magnum is a full 3D weapon.
Really? It doesn't have a bolt stop?
Then how the.... I watched a Youtube video of a guy firing an AK47 and the bolt locked back, and the gun wasn't modified.... What the heck was he firing then? :s
I can assure you that none of standard military issue AK's have bolt lock. And about dissaembly, you CAN'T remove the gas tube (you have called it "black barrel cover") while the bolt is in the rifle - you have to remove bolt group first! Watch some movies about AK 74/47 disassembly.
Last edited at 2011/05/06 18:01:50 by yuras12
very good gun, congratulations:tup: . a question: what are your new projects
Sorry, forgot to make the vid! Gonna do that right now.
I own an AK-74n (semi-auto version), and I have to say THIS is a VERY good replication of a real AK. I love how the bolt and fire control group are designed very much like the real AK. The disassembly works quite nicely, I love how the gas tube is removable too, that impressed me.

And @ Quack, My AK dosent have a bolt lock, the only way you know it's out is when it wont fire anymore. What you saw may have been a custom AK with the lightning bolt system.
yuras if made my own gun can you give a opinion :s
quack45 it is no reason to magnum be 3d softvire it can have a 3 mags and every 3 bollets.someting must push them in a barrel but that is a problem so you are in right.:tup:
Reliability is crap, but it is awesome anyway. 10/10
Why not something more classic like 47 or 103? Cool anyway 10/10