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Pretty good.

Seems so easy , but its pretty hard actually :blink:
ah well

'nother good one killnich
some instructions would be nice
Still crashes in Phun
To bad it doesnt work in phun
Distance : 14 km
Max safe vertical landing speed : 5 m/s
My vertical landing speed : 5.1 m/s .... OMG
How can you been working for a long time on this?

Its just a cirkel with a few other balls with pens on it , dropping down on a object with a high restitution value.

not that good
Hey , i really like this truck .
i need a truck like this on my scene , so i would love it if i could use yours =D
It wont be a noob scene or something like that , and i will give you all the credits for the truck.
are you ok with me using it?

thanks in advance , Timtheone
Pretty nice made man:D

works fine.:)

but maybe you should make the block that turns it on heavier , or was it ment to not press it in totally?
Rheyy97 , you probably have enter binded to it for some reason then.
type this in your console thingy (f11 or `)

Keys.bind("return", {return}); :coolgrin:
hm , to bad it doesnt work well.

it drops the box ,instead of puting it in the ceiling thing.
Yea got algodoo:)

Well , that bug is fixed now , however now it sometimes hit the box when it goes back.
this makes it destroy itself :bonk:

But except for that , great scripting! really nice work!

Its not dutch , idk what it is
well , same thing as last time.

it doesnt grab the circle all the time , sometimes it just slips away , apart from that its great
you actually made it worse
It just runs realtime
nah , i ment its running normally at realtime a my computer , and i use algodoo.

weird that it doesnt work.
ah , works perfectly now , must off been a hell of a job to write all the coding:D

10/10 for all the hard work
Wow paradigm , you made another awesome machine mechanism thing.

great stuff!
It is everything but realistic
Great work , lots of detailand its very realistic.
you also used shading , wich is a great thing aswell.
You put to much lasers at to much random places , wich makes it pretty ugly.

the concept is good though
pretty nice , would like to see another one
yea . i already tried it very fast with some onlaserhit vars , but that didnt work for some reason.
Warning in spanish:
el blah blah i do not know spanish, 1000lbs blah blah uno dos tres death.

rofl xD

and i also read the :
if your reading this you must be looking for details, but i really didnt know what to put here. so im just gonna wright this stuff to make it look there is writing on this label. you should probably quit reading this and look at the rest of the snowmobile.
part xD


well , about the snowmobile , its pretty nice.
Nice detailed and realsitic (working) without textures

so , well done:D
Rip off ,he just copied this scene :
nice , however to bad for you the contest already ended xD
yea i understand that:)

well , nice done anyway. you would've beaten davidz if this one had counted.

luckely enough i know enough about algodoo/phun to get my cursor back
so? who cares
Yay got new highscore : Final Score: 2837.264

Pretty nice scripted and stuff...

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