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Buran (Shuttle) gliding

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.73 MB

Date added: 2009-11-06

Rating: 8.7

Downloads: 21056

Views: 5131

Comments: 35

Ratings: 22

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Updated for Algodoo 1.6.4+ compatibility

Russian "Shuttle" project "Energia/Buran".
Test stage I.
Orbiter landing.

You are test pilot of new orbiter, your mission is to test "Buran" gliding capabilites. Separate from Mriya at ~1000m and ~700km/h and try to glide as far away as you can. Safe landing requirements is in the scene.

Controls with arrows,
G - open chassis.

Realistic size/weight/speed ofcouse.

My personal record is 15km
Shortest one is 4.3 km (with flip aerobatic ;) )

p.s. Algodoo only!
Last edited at 2010/12/17 19:44:50 by Kilinich
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This is great i like it
lol, plane kills itself...
my first successful was 14.8
I admire Russia:o _o_
Verry nice_o_ took me a few tries:tup:
When this scene have a few hours in algobox, reaches highlighted scenes, is a new record Kilinich!
Last edited at 2009/11/07 03:39:57 by Sgt. Pepper
I finally got it at 14.5:cool:

Lowest: -1.4 :blink: :lol:

Last edited at 2009/11/07 04:33:21 by Ian151
Я всегда поражался как ты делаешь такие самолёты )|(
Только жаль что скорость контролировать нельзя( а так всё зае*ись:tup:
Да и скорость можно было контролировать, я снял двигатели (пробовал K-NGne в ранних версиях сцены), а вообще у этого прототипа (который реальный) стояли в задних гондолах 2 двигателя от су-27 для повышения дальности полета в атмосфере.
This awesome! pretty hard.... 10/10:tup:
2 Ian151: How you be able to land at -1.4??? 8|
уеу Я сделал это в 10 км.:lol:
Еще одни хорошие сцены Kilinich
10/10:tup: только потому, что игра забавно и приятно, потому что он сделал

PS. Я не русский
Last edited at 2009/11/07 10:10:16 by ianno
После этой сцены, при создании плоскости, появлялся значок стрелки "спуск/подъём", но сброс параметров помог :)

А сейчас Буран используется? Или только во времена СССР?
2 ianno: please don't use automatic translator - it's sounds foolish :+ .
2 savask: Нет, сам проект свернули, орбитальный корабль вообще утерян после обрушения крыши ангара, но ракето-носители используются.
Last edited at 2009/11/07 10:27:58 by Kilinich
Жаль, была бы наша альтернатива Шатлу...
15km:) and a safe landing
2 Jelmerholland: I think I'll add bonus points for low vertical speed :yum:
aaawesome, i got it at 14.8, and my lowest was 1.7.

Hey, that's almost better than MS flight simulator :lol:
dude is the best thing here wow :tup:
:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: I WANT ALGODOO!!!!!!!!!!!

rated it 10/10
I saw this on the recent scenes and i thought, "yes, that is going to be one of the most popular!" Great job! I think the Antonov AN-225 is the best plane out there._o_
this is epic, awesome job. Im assuming is uses the K-Wing? on a friends comp now, will download asap. I am determined to find out where you got the bunny from, iv seen it in places before but i don't know where
ok but did you understand it??:+ an i dont use it again:lol:
This is really fun! 10/10

:o The instruments are in Russian aaaaah! :lol:
2 Paradigm 29 - ofcouse it's russian, you should figure out what thay do :lol:
Last edited at 2009/11/09 17:23:47 by Kilinich
Слушай, как ты вставил видео сюда? и сделал текст жирным?:huh:
6th try:
You've succesfully landed
at 20.8 km from separation point.
2LShome: now delete config.cfg and try again :yum:
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