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Great gun! :lol:
The one problem I can say is the barrel is very fragile and often snaps out of the gun. Maybe fixate it in better? Other than that, it's a great gun! I like Yuras12's better, though, but this is great anyway:P
Ok. Great. Just... great. This gun is total epicsauce, I can't even believe how good it is. If I could, I would rate this 10000000000000000000000000000000, honestly. The ABSOLUTE ONLY problem I can think of is that the bullets slip out of the mag an awful lot. Other than that, it's GREAT.:tup: Greatest gun on fun, hands down. _o_
Sorry, I meant greatest gun on Phun and Algodoo, hands down. Whoops. I was on a roll =P
Hey Yuras, can you make an Intervention?:lol: It would be reaaaly cool =3 Your guns are GREAT, but I think an Intervention would be a great addition to your collection. Thanksssss:)
Is it okay if I take a copy of this, and modify it so it's only a prop? Like, no bullets, and no internals? I want an AK47 just as a prop, with working mags. :lol: Please?
That would be epic...
What the heck is this? Pressing 1 doesn't do anything..
One time, a few of the ropes got broken at the beginning (I was playing with blocks), and the final heavy actually made it across without breaking the bridge.
Well, it's a nice idea, but the pin breaks out all the time.
Today I got an error, and this was part of it "Algodoo is an advanced software designed to use your computer's full potential"
Yeah, that's cheap alright (SARCASM!!1211)
One word: Ow.
I don't get it! :s It's a great scene, but whenever I try to play it, the cord explodes and destroys the heli. So, I delete it, and it's fine, but I can't put the tower in place. :|
All that work for H2o? Really?
Can you make it laptop compatible? Just turn the number pad keys to normal number keys! Hope you can.
This is so fun and easy XD I only lost one piece of cargo, and all I did was hold the left arrow the whole time, and I threw the cargo into the truck, so it wasn't placed specially. =3
What I mean is: A normal computer, or certain laptops have a number pad, which has 0-9 over at the farthest to the right of the keyboard. However, some laptops don't have that number pad, so all they have is the line of 0-9 with the symbols added onto the numbers at the top of the keyboard. The input is different for the numpad than the number strip, so things where a number was inputted on a number pad makes it incompatible with average laptops. This is one of those. (Lol, I'm getting a little confusing.)
Nice. I have to say, though, that the rate of fire is awfully inconsistent. But it fires, and it doesn't jam. That's all that's important.
I mixed everything together (Getting it into the car was a mission) and I ran it on the straight track (test track) and it flew by the black "curtain"
For me, it fires a 7 round burst, and then makes the internals move back forward with an 8th round already in the chamber, it's just upright. Pretty good =P
"64 cylinder"
IT'S OVAR 63!!11!11!1!!!
I downloaded it. Happy to be part of the experiment. I just downloaded it to annoy people (and my "p" key is being annoying, so I had to type "people" about 3 times to get it right >_>) =3
It's awesome! With the mechanism, you can adjust the timer by adjusting the hinge's speed.:tup:
I've played around with this a bit more, and I figured out how to load the magazines, and now I can give you a rating: I was VERY disappointed with this rifle. :( I have never been disappointed with one of Yuras's guns, but this was the first. It is near impossible to load a mag, and the slide does not lock back when the mag is empty. (The real AK does that) Also, the gun runs very slowly and is not reliable. The dissassembly feature is unreliable also. The internals cover will come off no matter what. The internal barrel (gray) is stuck inside the black barrel cover, so if you attempt to remove either of them, the firing pin breaks out of the grey barrel. :tdown: Do it better next time. (You should try making a Glock with dissassembly features, that would be really popular) :grr:
Dude, this is a 2D software! How would he make a Magnum with a 2D system?! The Magnum is a full 3D weapon.
Really? It doesn't have a bolt stop?
Then how the.... I watched a Youtube video of a guy firing an AK47 and the bolt locked back, and the gun wasn't modified.... What the heck was he firing then? :s
A BMW with Toyota hubcaps... really?
I think I know why the guns are firing backwards. This was made with Phun, and like Yuras12's guns, they don't work perfectly in Algodoo. If they are using Algodoo, that's why.
@themohawkninja: All the better to cause total destruction, like blowing up a VZ base! (I'm making a reference to Mercenaries 2, because the MOAB is in it, and it's the second most powerful bomb!)
I rated 1. I could only get one shot to fire, a bullet flew out of the mag without being fired, the mag spring got screwed up, the one shot got the bullet stuck in the barrel, and the shell didn't eject, cycling the slide to load a new round made the new bullet go flying and the slide exploded, and it looks suspiciously farmiliar to a certain Colt 1911 I know, that is very popular.
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