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Cold Wheels

screenshot of the scene

Author: Username?

Group: Default

Filesize: 12.35 MB

Date added: 2011-04-02

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 6651

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Comments: 15

Ratings: 5

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Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

Hot Wheels,

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Mix your own fuel and try to drive the 3 tracks.
(Fuels aren't close to reality)

-Long download time because textures
-Needs a good computer (grafic, cpu)

Because mixing can be boring, here are some hints:
Gives more Max. Speed
Normal Fuel:
Gives more acceleration
That's the multiplier for Fuel and Metal
Try to mix 2 nitro with 3 metal/fuel to get the best fuel.

1. Mix your fuel
2. Mix good, so everything does have the same color
2. put it in the car by dragging it into that blue thing in top of the car (u need only one circle)
3. steer with right and left arrow, brake with down key
4. car isn't phunlet friendly
Activate/Deactivate the mix machine with the button 1 (that should be on your keyboard)

All the other things you can find there, are always mixed components. They have better abilities (but one is REALLY bad) and
can make that car better. But it's a lot of trouble to mix them.

Example for the hill track:
=> best mulitplier
and one Metal to get some more max. Speed

The Mix for the Speed Track is much complicated, and you can't do it with only the base components (If you can do that, you're really good!). Because of that, here's the mixture for it.
If you wan't to figure out it yourself (who wants that???), stop reading here:
three violets, a orange (not the fruit), one Metall and then two of the greens.

can coughse stupitnez on chilldren :bonk:
Last edited at 2011/04/03 18:25:44 by Username?
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Don't comment my bad english
Great scene. So is Nitrofuel better Nitro or better fuel? And Highly combustible metal gives more max speed? 10/10:tup: :tup: _o_
Nitrofuel contains more normal fuel than nitro. But it contains more of both, as you can do by mixing.
I mixed everything together (Getting it into the car was a mission) and I ran it on the straight track (test track) and it flew by the black "curtain"
One more thing, do we have to add only one of the resultant circles or all of them?
only one oh, I'll add that to the description
I hardly understand what to do. Maybe you will make tutorial video? 8|
Last edited at 2011/04/05 15:58:53 by Kilinich
Kilinich, If I may answer this:
You will have 5 chemicals (fuel, Metal, Nitro, Nitrofuel and Highly combustible metal)
You have to decide the composition of the fuel you want for the car.
For instance you can mix 4 fuel circles, and two Nitro circles.
Now move them (the constituents) into the the Large circle on the left of the Conical flask.
And press 1. It will begin to mix the "ingredients". You are supposed to let them mix until they are exactly the same colour [hence exactly alike.] NOTE: To make sure that they are properly mixed, select any one of them Select Alike, if all are selected, it is prepared.
Now the scene has many tracks and onr test track(the one at the beginning. There are more track as we go higher.)
To make the car run, you will have to drop one of the mixed fuel you have made into the blue par above the car.
After it is dropped into the car, the car will begin to move depending upon the fuel used. Now you just have to wait and see if the fuel came out alright and was able to complete a track or not.

Good Luck with the mixing:)
I am going to spend hours playing with the chemicals:D
Best is to create a plot, so you can see the acceleration and when the highest speed is reached. With these informations, you can fit the fuel for the tracks.
Thank you all for comments :)
Nice tip Username?.
One thing I am really surprised with is the "solution-reaction gradient", like different quantities of different substances result in a different color and the fact that colors and properties slowly mix togheter.
Could you please explain me how did you did that ? 8| :)
Last edited at 2011/04/06 18:48:50 by Gear97
I think u mean that:
mixwhateverforavalue := (e.this.value + e.other.value) / 2;
e.this.value = mixwhateverforavalue;
e.other.value = mixwhateverforavalue
hmm.. Interesting :*)
Quite simple yet and it is similar to a heat that I am working on ..
Again.. Nice scene man :tup:
Yeah i've the mix for the speed track now oh and nice scene :tup:
That's really good.The scripts are very interresting._o_