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1911 v2.0

screenshot of the scene

Author: steven999

Group: Default

Filesize: 209.98 kB

Date added: 2011-06-08

Rating: 4.8

Downloads: 2953

Views: 2111

Comments: 5

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Press D or pull the trigger to fire.
Last edited at 2013/07/26 08:39:47 by steven999
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I rated 1. I could only get one shot to fire, a bullet flew out of the mag without being fired, the mag spring got screwed up, the one shot got the bullet stuck in the barrel, and the shell didn't eject, cycling the slide to load a new round made the new bullet go flying and the slide exploded, and it looks suspiciously farmiliar to a certain Colt 1911 I know, that is very popular.
Alright. This was pretty good. I'm gonna vote a nine out of ten because its in full auto. But this is a great gun, glad you're getting better.
Last edited at 2011/06/10 07:55:42 by Cartuner55512
if your referring to Paradigm 29's, his has a different hammer mechanism and his bullets are a little small fir the gun. i know mine only has 7 and a real colt 1911 a1 has 8, but i left room for someone to put another in. IT DOES NOT WORK IN PHUN,and i have no clue why. Yes i know the skin says 1911 R1, i couldn't find the right skin. Sorry for the postponed explanation. well ,thats all i can give you. if it still doesn't work after these adjustments i will release another with fixed problems, just give me a list of what you think the problems are.:'(
and as the scene clearly says "good job breaking it hero"<- its supposed to mean if it doesn't work as you want it to, its your fault.
Last edited at 2011/06/08 22:41:50 by steven999
the missing spring can be fixed by using the sim.frequency solution
its because the shells have a killer and they glitch out of the clip and delete the hammer strut along with the spring attached to it. your welcome
If it runs at your pc like on mine everyone woult rate it eleven stars!!!
that thing is AWSOME!
I didn´t even had to set the frequency!