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Did that video come off of Saturday Night Live? a girl and a boy collide for more than a certain amount of time, it might spawn a child? And the color of that child is closer and closer to the color brown?

I find that the only way to really increase the population is to stir everything around. In this way, I got the population to over 400, and crashed Algodoo when I tried to delete some with the polygon tool.

And why do some, but not all, of the circles have circle cakes?

But, this is a pretty cool scene.
I think somebody should automate this. That way, you would be almost guaranteed to safely move the tower from the ground to the platform.

Even as it is now, this is just short of epic. Use a walking mechanism instead of wheels, and different story. If you could get it to actually work.

Even so, I agree with everyone else. Awesome scene.
Well, for more of this kind of stuff, look at my profile page.
Well, it usually does not jam when I fire, but thanks anyway.
Look at my profile page.
If you can make something simpler, let me know.
@Kilinich- Why it it no fun? What can I do to improve it?
The two things on the left were in case I had to make the entire thing fit in the red box. The small one could trigger some gizmo that swaps domino magazines, the large one is a, well, magazine. I think. But they are not used in this scene as it is.
Exactly thirty geoms. I think seventeen of those are the front panel.
But, it's within the rules for this tournament, anyway.
As always, EPICNESS.:tup:

I consider myself to be Phundamentalist-Thymechanic, meaning that I usually prove something can be done mechanically before Thyming it to reduce lag, but not always.

@mrmegawarrior's first comment on this scene- Thank you, but no. We do have completely different styles. I just use the default palette, then usually move fixates, hinges, and tracers to front.

@Ravenplucker's last comment- Open the console with ~ or F11.
Type: sim.frequency
Press enter/return.
This shows the current and default values for sim.frequency.
Type: sim.frequency = 10000.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and this would be even more epic if it was not triggered by destroy key and it was somehow retractable. Maybe angle the top of the stilt bars so they self-align when pushed into the machine hard enough, push them straight down directly from the top and use the ratchet thing to pull them back up.

But still, You, Ravenplucker, are a mechanical genius.
Can't wait to see it!

By the way, in a couple minutes I will upload a slightly improved version. Mainly, weirder code, no polygons, and sharply changes materialVelocity when it flips upside-down. Unlike the previous version, which you can hold upside-down if you use a more powerful S-Unit. But, it still spazzez when bumped hard enough.
Now... I want Bullet SPAWNWNG!

Very interesting though.

You... You.... YOU.....

Why must you use when it is entirely pointless?

Or, use one collide set by manipulating collideWater and having heteroCollide always on.
Ah, thank you.
Very interesting. Good work!:tup:

Also note that I will soon come out with an 8-speed transmission that is completely mechanical and uses all 7 collision layers. I will post the link soon.

I will also put it in a car with some suspension, powered by my Beezlebub II 4-cyl engine. It will only have two motor hinges, both are used as servos.

I take it that "No motors involved" you mean "It uses motors, but only as servos"? Or are your servos in fact powered by the engine, but activated by braking the hinges?

@Christer and Chilihog: Did you put it in gear?
I do dare figure it out. And this is frankly amazing! The engine, I mean. I actually tried to make a collision engine of that sort work myself, and failed.

The walker, however... I've seen better. I raised the thing up, fixated it to the background, and put a tracer on the foot. I saw a crescent-moon shaped coupler curve. And that is far less than ideal for a walker. Much more ideal are those linkages made by Tank2333. This one provides a pretty much exactly ideal coupler curve.
Yeah... what's this gear-box contest thing?

'Cause I've got a great one up my sleeve that doesn't really use gears...
But it's not automatic. Then again, it's not even manual yet either. But I'm closer than I ever have been before, so...
I want to see the gun!
It's not really what I'm looking for. :unsure:

Basically, the end of one of the bars is at one of four positions depending on what combination of left and right you have depressed.

Now that I think a bit harder, I could actually use the one on the left. Well then.

Great job, TC42! Immensely simple!:tup: Slightly awkward for my purposes, but I can use this! Yay!

But now I have to give you credit, too. Sigh...
No, actually, it is the thruster. If you follow it with the camera, you will notice that the dark blue box that it spawns upon scene start is gone.

Also, if you start, stop, start again, undo, and start a third time, it will simply not work. Thus proving that undo indeed changes geomIDs and it would be better to re-spawn the dark blue box at every sim step. With a small onCollide script to delete it onCollide, as opposed to using killers.
Doesn't work for me. It seems that the elevators include huge memory leaks- it starts lagging as soon as I set off the first elevator, and it crashed Algodoo twice.

The first attempt, I got crushed by the really big block.
The second attempt, it crashed Algodoo on the second elevator.
The third attempt, it crashed Algodoo on the first elevator.
The fourth attempt never happened.
Surprisingly enough, I did it. I did make each boundary between sections a checkpoint by double-pressing the spacebar, and once, on the green section, something unknown on the sun in that section managed to kick me straight through all of the other levels and landed me on the goal.

After this immensely improbable event, I started over at the green section and managed to complete the rest of the course without teleporting to the goal again.
Where's the elevator?

EDIT: Also, where's the boss?
Last edited at 2011/05/29 22:34:08 by Someone Else
You've got to place that orange ball just right.

Have fun with this one:

EDIT: Oops, the scene tag doesn't work.:rolleyes:
Last edited at 2011/05/30 01:12:01 by Someone Else
Doesn't work at all for me. It seems that only two pistons are capable of firing.

Then again, I think the counterweight is to blame. With gravity off, it works fine.
Quite well in fact.
I congratulate you on that.

However, as soon as I turn gravity back on, it makes a couple more revolutions and stops.

Also, it seems to have made Algodoo run out of memory. It did lag a lot, and that might have something to do with it.
Yay! The best method of hacking Thyme since the New Method!

Also, could you explain My GUI is spazzing out again (you know what I mean), so I can't really use the box to read off of, so I tried to use the Appearance menu, but I realized that I simply didn't understand the function at all. = (a, b, x, y, point, T, F) =>
{{(((point(0) - x) ^2) /a^2) + (((point(1) - y)^2)/b^2) <= 1} ? {T} : {F}}

What are a, b, x, and y?

Are a and b the max and min radius, x and y are the coordinates of the center? = (size, pos, point, T, F)=>{{(((point(0) - pos(0))^2 / size(0)) + ((point(1) - pos(1))^2 / point(1))) <= 1} ? {T} : {F}}

Hmm... Nope. Doesn't work. I don't know.

However, renaming yours does work: = (size, pos, point, T, F) =>
{{(((point(0) - pos(0)) ^2) /size(0)^2) + (((point(1) - pos(1))^2)/size(1)^2) <= 1} ? {T} : {F}}

Ah, now I get it. The denominators are suppost to be squared. How did I miss that...:bonk:
I want to see this new contest. Thus, I am now posting my entry.
HOLY CRUDZ! How dids you do thats?????

How about this. You make some levels now. Note that I did increase the reflectiveness of the walls on the one you just solved.

Also, my GUI is now spazzing out on the text boxes in this scene, too. Even on the copy that I kept.
I caught the hint. I will begin work on it now.

I have never played Portal, neither have I seen this K-Scene you speak of.

So, I will follow my own route.

Portals will be circular, with a very obvious arrow for orienting the thing, in the form of the circle cake and an alt-collider.

I prototyped one major and really long spawning code in onCollide using TC42's onCollide function thing. Very helpful- the script box can actually show the whole code. Unlike the console.

Portals of the same color will be linked both ways, except for some one-way ones, where the exit will be darker.
Blue and orange portals will be completely separate.

Aside from the spawn code, the code is all in nested little functions and little bits of onCollide for deleting the ball and calling the spawn function.

I might even make a few levels to go along with it.

EDIT: Done. I posted it as a scene response. It is a level, so there is a solution. And when you find it, you will find it impossible to miss it.
Last edited at 2011/06/10 22:47:50 by Someone Else
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