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Tnx for the tip, i'll improve it when I have time;):tup:
JaxXNash, I love you:love:

That's a great trick.... w00t_o_
To give you some feedback, it lags pretty had.... but it's a good idea;)
Check my Xfire, there you an see my pc... (intern)
Upgraded it,

Author: Jelmerholland
Title: Walker test lab 2b
File Size: 90.59 kB

just the safetywheels, but this looks better I think
Maybe you should do something with magnetic, so i doesn't bounce forward and backward anymore..:+
Quote: tank
and btw u can use scene resopnse for this ^^

Srry, forgot that:P
Lol, Nederlander
Lol, you edited something in your cfg, when I draw a box, or a polygon, the line is black, in the normal phun it's white..
WTF, this is great, this is absolutely the best scene I've ever scene... damn... keep going like this Kilinich... w00t:tup:
Select everything, and check everything in the script menu:P you'll see there are HUGE codes:|
Jazeker vriend:tup:
Doesn't work pretty well... but looks great... and what is it? 2kb kable?:P
Lol, Energie = Energy... nederlanders :lol:
Coronakill11: danku... valt wel mee hoe slecht je ben in engels.. alleen energie verkeerd gepspeld:P

@Dadasas: Tnx m8:coolgrin:
I like this, I'm going to make one too.. but with a little of scripting...
Nice, but lags to much
How did you make that scale?
How you did that? with the wheels? some pieces are tranparant.. you edited the picture in photoshop or something?:o
It was my first try, in the next version I will try to build a better engine... and of course a better looking, and a bit of scripting:D
Save as
And then save in the map of the phunlets:P
You stole this car from me, I made this... :@
Tnx for support, I had no time to complete my scene;) I was on vacation.. but I need someone who can give me some script support;)
You stole my car :grr:
Huh? it's not really on scale, but now you can zoom to make the phinising touch (details):coolgrin:
Hmm.... but the programming is a bit hard... because the scripts doesn't allways work:( (dunno why)
Huh? It doesn't work for me.. the touchscreen, and I don't even see the amilight, And I don't see a moving pic
Did it fail? Or do u just wanna see it fail? cauze if it fails, I have to rebuild some pieces:(
touchscreen, still doesn't work:(
I allready have 5.28:P

But the touchscreen doesn't work V4 either
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