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I dont know why it explodes, but i will try to bugfix it, what verision of algodoo are you using?
i find that quite strange since it dosent for me:o Can you se if you can find the problem?
Im apperantly running @ 600hz ist thats why?:D
I didn't remember it but i had set sim.freq to 600Hz:o
you have to reverse the engine too when you mirror it =)
how many have had a blank scene problem?
mega powerfull i say, it shall work to. not only just look good:o
Last edited at 2011/01/23 20:11:42 by Christer
Thanks and thanks for the awesome track:D
Any snowmobile enthusiasts out there?:D
wont move:o
The spring is just a little to long
dosent work?:(
Snusk äckel bög fitta! Nån som röker weeed här eller?
du luktar bajs!
no i aint, using my own:)
Oh thank you! =)
nice work bro!:D
Great engine!:tup: but isnt this an v4 config engine rather than an boxer?
oh i see, nice to learn something new! :tup:
PooPingDung must be running in 500hz;)
Thats a beast FruitMonger ;D
Great work! 10\10 =)
very nice track and car! well done =)
In algodoo 1.8 its actually faster in 100hz than 500hz:o Great engine:tup:
Indeed it would be so much better if it had real valves and an exhaust feature and so on, but its really difficult to make!:( might be trying to do something alittle more "real" later on;)
What Algodoo version do you have? So what would you call it? I do know how a 2 stroke works and they do not have an power stroke in bottom dead end. Since it has two complete power/exhaust strokes per revolution that makes it an 1 stroke engine if you think about it =)
Great CVT! Would love to see more like this from you:D
@Gear97: Well this pump would'nt work at all without the collidewater changer:P Thanks for telling me you liked it, ive had hours of fun with i myself actually:D

@PooPingDung: Yeah it´s very much fun for beeing something that simple:)

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