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totally amazing. keep up the research! _o_
thank you!:) it is a bit shaky when going over the rope, though:) you might want to set = 0 to disable second derivative, but then position hold becomes more sluggish.
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thank you :*)
you're right, it does nothing except providing a visual feedback. (I wish the thruster trail length could be ajusted instead)
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:lol: Reminds me pretty much of the circles of hell from Dante's 'Divine Comedy' :devil:
let's hope these guys are not aware of their eternal doom (or are they?)
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Risking to go far off topic, I'd like to add that, for example, chinese I-Ching cosmology really seems to me as interpretation of that underlying "machine code" of the Universe, and Leibniz, the founder of binary calculus, was amazed and inspired by it. Even more, Castaneda's "lines of the world" are tree-like structures composed of binary emanations of Eagle, and then there is [binary] tree of knowledge in Christianity, and theory of strings, and quantum mechanics, and even our brains, composed of binary synapses - it all fits piece by piece into a huge puzzle.

And, according to Matrix - the Oracle gave us an amazing gift of free will, which enfuriates the Architect, but leaves us a chance to escape the "while(true) {struggle()}" loop, eventually.. Something that those running guys seem to be lacking..

Cheers! :)
thanks, great advice! didn't think about it :bonk: will implement :)

ok, did it.
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ahaha, thanks :angel: more like a prince yet, though :lol:
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:blush: thank you guys, your feedback definitely motivates further research :)
oh Horror :lol: I love this scene as much as I hate zombie theme in general.
just noticed a layer of clouds at the background, it adds nicely to grim atmosphere! (if there's any further development to Algodoo, I wish they'd add a sound engine, imagine this with howling and snarling :x )

reminds me of second half-life's ravenholm level.

keep up the good work!:tup:
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I think it's worth doing:) I'm trying to figure out the best way for user to enter the data. if only thyme wasn't that limited.. (or my understanding of it, tbh.:unsure:)

Xray, I asked a question in the forum, but no one replied yet. Maybe you know?
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no worries, thanks :)
now that's a workaround (and that was me who requested it)!! :lol: _o_

you've just ignited my thought and I realized there's even better way, though! just use a single one, make it big enough, hide it behind thruster and then set setLaserBodyAttrib = false to hide the lazer's pseudo-geometry (or set the opacity to 0)

and with sine modulation by sim.tick it looks like real vibrating jet flame:tup:
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thanks, updated my PID flyer to use such (credit given:) ), but only the version with fixed thruster: I can't come up with a way to properly align rotating thruster with rotating laser - their rotation points don't coincide. if only laser could be attached to the thruster itself. or if its relPoint attribute could be edited. (I tried setting readable(scene.entitybyID(#)).relPoint=[0,0] but it won't work). as a workaround I currently see fixing them both to an invisibe parent box, maybe..
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thanks for idea, X!:)
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a perfect match! :lol:
this is totally awesome! _o_ great attention to details, the driver is nicely drawn and actually presses the pedals and shifts the stick!:tup: fun to drive.
oh my even his hair move :lol:
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Sorry for such a short comment, but
This is amazing! _o_
Thank you, Xray! :*)

You're totally right, in fact, without the I-part the system settles to zero even faster! It's just my generic snippet of thyme that I copy/paste to all my PID projects - but I never thought of making it PD (PDD' in this case):bonk:

I think I'd leave the I-part but set ki to zero by default, not a great deal of calculation, anyway.

your comments are always appreciated, Xray!
my best regards :)
:*) thanks!

it's a nice example of how real laws of physics work well in Algodoo!
I do, for one :lol: They have onboard all the stuff needed for an advanced flying machine: hyroscopes, accelerometer, flight controller, image recognition system, efficient engine and power source, and all of that is tiny! This alone makes me at least pay respects for them)))

On the other hand, there are some much cuter critters like bumblebees and dragonflies :love:

Funny scene!:tup:
lompilomp, I'm sorry to hear that, from what I read in the forums, I got an impression that it might be a video driver issue:
Doesn't sound good, but I wish I knew how to fix it.
Last edited at 2014/08/19 23:18:39 by ukuru.gejacoya
thanks, X-Zibit :)
you're right, it's not perfect) I guess it has something to do with the way Algodoo treats liquids (they leak no matter what), and the adhesion property seems to be pretty experimental. but maybe someone would come up with solution:+

the volumes are neither perfectly equal, I adjusted them by eye:)
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allright now, here comes the spring engine and mouse control!
well, one can't cater to everyone. maybe it's just my mouse that works nicely:)
thanks for correction, fixed.
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:) thank you, Xray.
this motor uses block control, a sinusoidal one could address that low speed instability. maybe the next version will feature it.:rolleyes:
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This is the kind of gears Algodoo should have built-in! Original ones are barely usable.
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Amazing attention to details! Very nice.
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Thank you guys!
Kilinich: No doubt! But I sincerely hope that research prevails over instincts here in Algobox.. Let's assume it a social experiment :lol:
Xray: It's nice to revisit from time to time.. To greet this wonderful community and refresh my hatred towards thyme scripting:lol:. There's a less cheesy project in the works, coming soon:rolleyes:
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