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I'm working on it
sorry forgot to check it.
Fixed now
Cooler than I imagined it would be when you described what you where making. auto 10/10
app.mousePos gives you the mouse position.
Kilinich I know but the power of the weapons already pushes the tank backwards, didn't want to send it to hell.

I'll check your scene out.
What would the timer do?
Ant97man: as I said you need phun 5.26 for this, theres a bug in 5.25 that will make this fail
Last edited at 2009/03/28 14:52:38 by RaRaMalum
Your explotions doesn't explode downwards and for the most part all of it has been done before. The tank itself is very good. 9/10
Last edited at 2009/04/06 15:36:54 by RaRaMalum
Now that is very nice.
Using attraction instead of negative attraction is a very nice way to solve the stray ball problem. 10/10

meekl: its quite easy to make the engine as powerful as you want, by increasing the amount of circles or their mass.
If anyone doesn't give this a 10 they better prove that they can do better.
Isn't that just a variant of Kilinichs design? Anyway his design handles to be upsidedown.
That is really cool to look at. 10/10
that is one of the best looking phun scenes ever made and the shooting is nice aswell 10/10
I'm looking forward to see what you bring to the table.

The thing at the middle isn't really a rev indicator its more of a gaspedle indicator. Speed indicator is in kmh all the way to the right on your screen.

Have you tried stopping infront of the hill and starting from 5th gear? I'm sure you won't get up, Momentum is whats helipng you now(you could basicly get up that hill in reverse by getting the momentum up before the hill and releasing the gas).
Mechanical drag would be nice and on my first version it had that, but it was somewhat annoying to drive fast with it. I can see if there is a way around that.
Last edited at 2009/05/14 15:53:37 by RaRaMalum
New version with automatic gearing.

I can make it show the target RPM, but not the actuall RPM and that is close to useless(I can make a sensor that reads actuall RPM but phun can't handle the speed it needs to be updated).
well guyboy then thats basicly what it does atm, the red bar shows a power level which goes from 0-1000.
userID thats because you didn't read the info.
it has gears so either you press arrow up to get in firstgear or you press X to let the automatic gearbox handle it for you.
almost forgot to rate it 10/10
...hmmm I think I've see this before...
I'm not sure when negative rpm was alowed, but it came back and makes thyme scripting somewhat easier
Damn I was planning something like that:)
Very nicely done.
The middle wheels doesn't seem to help it alot. 10/10
@RA2lover I know their not scripted, but they could still help in some way
I think I'll have to steal this:D
Very nice. 10/10
Last edited at 2009/06/13 22:30:04 by RaRaMalum
jupp its a new and better one. needed it to do this.
Yeah I agree that its sad it need a custom variable, but I see no way around it.
Last edited at 2009/07/05 21:05:30 by RaRaMalum
phun is a bit problematic when it comes to scale stuff that has an oncollide script, but it might go well.

Yes, you have to type in = 0 before importing the raunit into your scene.
did you remeber to ask him to come back?
I you don't call for him he gets lost
if the scene lags alot on your computer his tiny brain can't figure out where he is and he goes blind.

The scene is quite heavy, so I'm sure some will have lag, but he should be able to do something still.
Thanks to whoever rated it 1.....
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