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[Phun/Algodoo] K-Probe Phunlet

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Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 14.48 kB

Date added: 2009-06-06

Rating: 7.1

Downloads: 1112

Views: 3389

Comments: 8

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 3

Made with: Phun


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Replaced with K-probe2, but it's for Phun only!

Universal purpose high accuracy probe Phunlet.

Uses collision group: F,G - don't touch it.

It measure following parameters:
1) Position (100Hz)
2) Angle (100Hz) precisely!
3) Velocity (10Hz)
4) Angular velocity (10Hz, max 150RPM)

Once loaded - run sim for a moment - it automatically create variables:,,,,

Now you can use this variables in you scene scripts.
p.s. and now you can load "K-Debug" phunlet for debug info view

upd: Here is first implementation
Last edited at 2009/10/19 21:51:28 by Kilinich
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???? y all the Hz???
100Hz is default frequency of phun physics engine (means 100 times in sec), so my probe works on the edge of possible
Last edited at 2009/06/06 20:34:15 by Kilinich
I think I'll have to steal this:D
Glad to hear this! It's a technology payback for your RaUnit we all use. _o_
Cool device! I will surely use it!
ummmmmm......i just tried to use it, and it not wrking
2 Stinkbomb:
Join forum, learn scripting.
always awesome, and i just thought of a great application of it...
the ferrari california has a special roll bar that pops up when the car starts to flip. I could/will use this to sense when the bar should pop up on a california model. or a custom convertible
Success! my Auto deploying rollbar works perfectly and is posted

i am really liking this thing now!
next is the bugatti (or whatever custom car i make), whose spoiler pops up at a certain speed and the suspension lowers
success again! however it is a little messy with velocity compared to angle
Last edited at 2010/01/20 01:21:32 by sheepborg