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Baja Race(BETA rev2)

screenshot of the scene

Author: RaRaMalum

Group: Default

Filesize: 110.48 kB

Date added: 2009-05-14

Rating: 7.9

Downloads: 2322

Views: 2657

Comments: 15

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Please don't use anything from this scene before I get the game completed.

D = gaspedal
S = brakes
Arrow up/down = gear up/down
R = reverse
X = automatic gearing on/off

My plan is to make a Baja truck racing game, but I need some feedback.
I haven't made the track yet and theres lots of features I haven't added(its a beta test track).

Does everything work as it should?
Do you like how it works?

New features:
automatic gearing by pressing "X"(or turning it off with the same button)

Changed the gui somewhat(not sure it is the way I want it still

Lowered the power for the truck on the higher gears
Last edited at 2009/05/14 18:15:37 by RaRaMalum
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Funny, I'm in process of making similar game - off-road driving :bonk:
Last edited at 2009/05/14 15:13:26 by Kilinich
Nice. I would suggest a needle rev and speed indicator though.
And you're going too fast i think. 5th gear is perfect for climbing..

Also, mechanical drag would be nice. 1st gear downhill should be very slow.
I'm looking forward to see what you bring to the table.

The thing at the middle isn't really a rev indicator its more of a gaspedle indicator. Speed indicator is in kmh all the way to the right on your screen.

Have you tried stopping infront of the hill and starting from 5th gear? I'm sure you won't get up, Momentum is whats helipng you now(you could basicly get up that hill in reverse by getting the momentum up before the hill and releasing the gas).
Mechanical drag would be nice and on my first version it had that, but it was somewhat annoying to drive fast with it. I can see if there is a way around that.
Last edited at 2009/05/14 15:53:37 by RaRaMalum
Maybe the red bar should indicate motor rpm? Like not the geared output, I mean the motor itself. Shouldn't be too hard to calculate...

And for people who don't understand my English:

If a machine with the red wine talan Help? The same applies to an engine starting permission of the fingers. To calculate or not difficult, because ...
New version with automatic gearing.

I can make it show the target RPM, but not the actuall RPM and that is close to useless(I can make a sensor that reads actuall RPM but phun can't handle the speed it needs to be updated).
I don't mean the rpm of the wheels, I mean the rpm of the motor. (the one that doesn't really exist here, but would be right at the main axis of the motor in a real car) It would be much more realistic if the red bar would show that like in a real car.
well guyboy then thats basicly what it does atm, the red bar shows a power level which goes from 0-1000.
uhhhh..... it won't move :huh:
Last edited at 2009/05/15 00:39:36 by userID
userID thats because you didn't read the info.
it has gears so either you press arrow up to get in firstgear or you press X to let the automatic gearbox handle it for you.
You are the king of phun!
This is absolutely terrific work! :tup:
AMAZING! How did you make the automatic transmission? I loved the dashboard. Incredible transmission.
lag=almost none
It's awesome
I hope that I could rate 1000/10
here's a tip:
make the indicator show the answer of a calculation:
something like that...
so, the indicator show rpm incase of some coloring boxes...
How it's going? Do you plan to get back to this and make a game?
I think I'll be good competitor with that UAZ thing...