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Facts about Earth and Moon

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Author: roffa

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Date added: 2010-03-22

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Did you know that the moon's orbit is getting larger with a rate of about 3.8 cm per year?

Or that the days on earth is gradually being longer?

And that both of this events come from the same process?

Well thats the fact's, now i will show how this is happening, and as usual it has something to do with tides.

The reason that this happens is that the tide on the earth actually isn't right bellow the moon, it is a little ahead of the point that is right bellow the moon. The reason that this happens is because the earth rotates faster than the moon goes around the earth, therefore the earth drags some of the water when it is rotating and that does so most of the water in the tide is on the side that the earth's rotating drags it. Because the water is a little in front of the moon, the moon accelerate when it drags in the water and at the same time the water loose speed. When the water loose speed it makes friction to the earth so the rotation rate to the earth slows down, and at the same time the moon accelerate making its orbit to get larger.8|

You can see that the orbit is getting larger by looking at the tracer's orbit.

And you can see how the days gets longer by looking at how the anngular velocity to the earth is decreasing.

NB: the sim speed is on 10

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Last edited at 2010/03/22 09:27:12 by roffa
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Pretty interesting, but at 1000s simulation time I had noticed that the moon was coming back towards the Earth. I'm guessing this was because the slowing down of the earth slowed down the tide which pulled on the moon slowing it down.
I don't think that is right.
When the tide slows down it don't make the moon to slow down too, it just make the moon to accelerate slower because the the tide will be more directly under the moon. So this can not be the reason.
My theory is that because the water is more directly under the moon it makes the gravity pull on the moon to be bigger, and this cause the moon to fall a bit closer to the earth, but after that the moon will get a stable orbit and be on the same hight all the time.
And because the earth now rotates at the same rate that the moon orbits around it, the moon will also be over the same spot on the earth at all time.
Oops my nachos.:o
Last edited at 2011/12/17 21:31:33 by TheChosenOne
Sorry if I'm being a bit mean :|