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ooooh i like what you did there with the wipers, not a bad idea of how to clear the engine much more effeciently if your after power! (i was after a mass of "steam" flying everywhere that just about keeps turning! :coolgrin:

glad you liked it and decided to have a fiddle, was pretty suprised to see my engine appear red on the front page and think... isnt that my engine? lol!
You should modify this to have a go in the eco hill climb contest, be good to see a bounce engine it!
i love the roly poly vechile and the vechile swap! wish the track sections moved independantly but its still awesome.
very neat this, only complaint is i wish it was a bit faster and more clear which side was which, wasted my first shot firing in the wrong direction lol!
Its neat but it doesnt fly for me at all? breifly hops off the ground at best but then starts to descend again:(

i am holding up in flying mode assume this is the right action?
Brilliant, lagged like hell on my crap computer so i skipped over some of the long simple bits but enjoyable and creative! :cool:
haha i was only watching this earlier. love the elbonians and nicely drawn.

now make breakable ones;)
Beautifully drawn and obviously a lot of effort gone into it. 9/10 from me. its pretty much all good except that walking mechanism, its a bit slow and it wobbles far too much, it looks like a member of the institute of silly walks at the moment!

work a bit more on the walking mech and i think your onto a winner :)
Higher lifting legs and better countering to the wobbles!
I like it. lowering the restitution of the wheels makes it climb even better though!
stargazer418, use the hand tool to spin the crankshaft around to start the engine!

Probably should have wrote that in the description, sorry!
Takes a little while to get used to the controls but its good once you have!
little bit of tarting up and some suspension and you'd be on to a winner.
Beautiful little engine and love the character of it and how fast it goes. i'll have to bare in mind how put power to the crank not the piston, i could probably improve my engine models this way (powering the piston gets a bit messy i find)

little bit of suspension work needed maybe but otherwise great! :lol:
wow, top marks to this one, i love it!
about 20 minutes with one PC crash, not too long really. its fairly uncomplicated. look at my new one which took quite a bit longer!

the shirts were made by oxymoron and part of a contest though.
Really neat, I'd seen a lot of these before but some new ones in there - also nice to see them with tracers and set up in a way you can see what they really do.

This will actually be a great help... not just with phun but im studying mechanical engineering and its nice to see some mechanisms!

:tup: and 10/10 from me!
like the stabiliser, very innovative. Should have been obvious but never thought of that!

its nice how simple yet usuable the scene is, i managed to pick it appart a bit and now i can get mouse position :)
Amazingly clever, bravo! Must have used a few external packages to get that just right i imagine? _o_
one way to combat the stretchy hinges problem is increasing the density of your components, i found. I think some people use springs like in the soft wheels, but i can imagine that being a hassle making drive belts.
Last ditch city defense when you find yourself in a pinch!

Love it, the explosion effect is awesome. :coolgrin:
I have no idea how your mechanics in the middle are working but this is just AWESOME. I love it, i've been thinking myself how to make a cvt drive and you've acheived it.

been looking at this for a while and i still dont get how the gears in it work :huh:

15/10 if possible
Blimey that is fast lol. random though how the first stage is pretty slow then suddenly youve got hyperdrive acceleration xD
Really cool, love the effort put in on the scenery.

only complaint is now and then the forks might break, which can be annoying. but i made sure i paused now and then after the first time just incase lol

oddly at other times, the forks seem very tough. :s lol
Your braver than me, I've actually never ran it without the governor funnily enough! may have to try now though, lol.

Do know that voids warranty though, right? *points at label on engine casing* :P
I have no idea how a threshing machine works, but i think I could throw together a wood saw of some kind. be cool to try and make a sawable log, too.

I was thinking belt power too, might be an idea to add a take off wheel for that. I'll see what i can come up with!

Tbh hes not the only one who went to the extreme at testing, to make sure the governor was tough enough i just left it running and did other things, just checking on it every now and again lol. wanted to be sure it wasn't going to embarrass me by being rubbish at its special feature:lol:
Thanks, i was hoping for that effect! :coolgrin: Its just a shame there isn't a way to get the sound of one of these engines in phun really, love the quiet churning with an occasional puff from it. as they say.. quite musical engines!

Check out my other one if you haven't already, got quite a bit more grunt to it.
Its pretty much impossible endre, all down to probabilities. So you could i guess... if you run it millions of times. Heres a description of what this is representing

rated 10/10, its good to see educational things like this in phun.
Thats quite fascinating, i was wondering if there is any use for the reduction of the speed of light on this lol
Haha, i really like the detail on it. its a shame no ones made a way to get sound into phun yet, i'd love if it made a noise when you drag the plectrum over it.
A bit glitchy on the turret now and then but otherwise its a cool concept, cant wait to see it finished :tup:

can just picture physics related levels and cutting chains to drop weights or through thin walls in levels, could be an interesting game mechanic :coolgrin:
Really really good, best clock i've seen on phun/algodoo
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