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moto perpétua?:bonk:

a única coisa que impulsiona o veículo é o paralelogramo e sua restituição.
its easy. make something, hinge it with 2 hinges at the edges, select it, and then theres a transform into chain tool. then you can select the chain tool, and do the custom chain!, simple!

but, wasn't no self collision a pre existent feature?
yay. now i can make phasteroids working for phun beta 5 too....
nice. only touble is: speeding up the simulation to get a faster result is not always the best option,,,
why dont you use magnets to make the paint to stick?
sometimes its best to use small, highier density,, less laggy, lower explosion speed bombs. the shards of this one fly so fast it does not hit anything.
add a killer to the bottom. period.
k. now we need it to alternate between groovyon and groovyoff.
I cant imagine someone had the patience to write that many lines of code on a single object.... 10/10
works. but you may want to decrease the sensors density even more for more sketchyness. also, eliminate the bottom sensors. the building pieces just trigger em...
that was what i was saying to rara a few days ago.
he said that my idea was not doable cause you cant track directly the angle of a object.
nice hob through. 10/10
dude, that is old. really old.
well.... put some more effort on the track?
Last edited at 2009/03/25 17:48:14 by RA2lover
he wants the bullet to disappear after a certain aumount of time.
NAF does it.
Renato, já notou que tem um botão para editar as coisas que você já postou?
use ele ao invés de criar uma nova cena.
oq o tanque no cantinho tem a ver com isso?

pode ser que seja necessário fazer uma redução nisso.nem todas as armas funcionam corretamente quanto tem seu tamanho rezuzido...

what the tank in the corner has do do with it?
might be necessary to do a downscaling in this one. not all guns work properly when they have its size decreased, or increased....
and i am in this community.
and yes, i told him about the mighty edit button.
with beta 5.26 you can increase strength of springs with oncollide.
why didn't you used the custom chain?

9/10. needs a target, and possibly, a non-glued surface
i got another idea for a people annoyer = a machine that turns itself off!
não use +inf torque. para esse tipo de pinça o ideal seria 4500 a 7500
a invisible car is not a problem....
Well, it looks like the variables keep deleting themselves....

doing a quick edit to fix it

Last edited at 2009/03/29 18:29:52 by RA2lover
reduce the riring pin friction, and please, do a better job at mirroring this(text is mirrored, lol), and change the bullets to boxes(the paralellograms are a thing which mahes it unreliable)

also, increase the strength of the firing pin spring a bit.
circle accelerators are NOT weak, once you know how to use em.

firstly, dont use +inf strength. for this mass aumount, i think 20000 - 30000 torque is enough
secondly, use larger wheels and edit the spin speed of the motors to a much highier number. i think 12000 is the most powerful rotation you can get in this one while still making it stable.
thirdly, make all wheels equal sized.. use the clone tool and move with a snap to axis(shift).
fourthly, use a direct circle instead of gears to avoid jamming when activated by bouncy pins.
still cant understand how the sabot works.
it does work. hovewer looks like it needs a magnet to improve its killing power...
is a WIP of a tiger tank. nothing more.

for the sabot opening, you may increase the airfrictionmult of it, and reduce density.

yes, its a lil offscale(thats why i could not fit a 88mm in that one, so it went to around 70 mm). yes, my cannon was able to do the job, but for some reason the variables kept deleting themselves, so, the reloader motors were kept always on, instead of stopping if something collides with the shell lock 1, the firing magnet deleted its own variable, and other stuff. but anyways, good luck!
in phun, water density is 1.0 kg/m². not 0.001 kg/m², which goes up cause its lightier than air(0.01 kg/m²)
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