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Tank with unlimited amounts of exploding bullets

screenshot of the scene

Author: RaRaMalum

Group: Default

Filesize: 14.59 kB

Date added: 2009-03-22

Rating: 7.3

Downloads: 893

Views: 1471

Comments: 6

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

W/S = Aim
A/D = drive
Enter = fire
Last edited at 2009/03/22 04:04:48 by RaRaMalum
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Cannon with explosive bullets RaRaMalum 7.1 (6 votes) 889 4 2009/03/21 20:25:11
show grid
awesome! may I use the beacon?
I cant imagine someone had the patience to write that many lines of code on a single object.... 10/10
Too simple scene, need more realistic detail =) 7/10
OMG ITS THE BEST TANK IN PHUNBOX!!!:tup: :tup: :tup: 10/10 (but, Kilinich is right needs more detail (mind if I touch it up a bit?)
wow that's a pretty strong gun!
:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: wow powerfull tang with unlimited explosives bullets o.m.g its my favorite scene!!!!! i like it i love i am play all the day with this scene :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
Last edited at 2010/04/28 12:28:22 by nikos