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Ive been trying to find a way to learn how to spawn boxes, im somewhat new and im not sure how that works.
Alright, i think i got it. I tried it and it it spawned into a box. If i put scene.addcircle( etc. would it spawn a circle or is there another code i have to put in? Sorry, im kinda new at this and im only 14 and maybe thinking about engineering so i figured this would be a kinda cool way to get familiar with physics.:)
Thats cool, engineering is just something im interested in because of i love working with my hands and like to know how things work.
and alright. so to spawn a tracer what would be the code?
Thanks. wasnt sure how far it went, lost it at the end of the map. haha
alright. thanks much.
I entered this contest too and i probably shouldnt do this cuz it might help you win, but try moving the pumpkin past the spring and it wont go up. It will go a lot further.
I dont see your upload.
when i first downloaded it it didnt work very well.
suggestions: change the hinges in the wheels to 100 rpm so it doesnt flip, and add springs from the box attached to the wheel, and the forks attached to the car. works much better.
a simple fix is to change the restitution to 25000 instead of 50000
Merry Christmas :lol:
I was just wondering, how do you make something mouse controlled?
Im kinda new, but i have a couple scenes that i would like to see what you could do with them, both of them were made recently. I would like to see what you do with them.
the links are:
couldnt really find any other one. any suggestions?
I looked at it and it seems like its not exactly just building things, i think its a mod where you can add things into games? im not sure.
i made it in phun, but if you have algodoo you could add a laser to make it actually cut, just felt like doing the picture.
This is amazing.
I would use algodoo if it wasnt so damn expensive.
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The problem for me is that that trigger mechanism didnt pull down the release for the bolt.
The only problem ive found is that sometimes the casings dont eject properly. Sometimes they drop down into the chamber and once the slide didnt recoil back enough to eject the round at all.
How can you tell people not to copy when thats a very common picture?
Something like this would be an awesome desk toy
This is actually probably one of the easiest rockets there is to fly on here.
5.5 on a macbook air i5 with 8 gb flash memory
Macbook Air (Mid 2013)
SandyBridge Processor
That turbine is amazing. I would suggest adding thrusters to even out the weight distrubution to keep the car level when accelerating.
Awesome! You should try to make the Springfield XD-M 5.25. It would be cool to see a chamber loaded indicator and a cocked indicator.
Cool idea. Maybe you could play with thrusters and maybe make it able to do ollies? Push the back down quickly to pop it up and then slowly push the front down to level out? Just an idea.
I laughed a lot more than i should have. hahaha
Really fun. only suggestion would be some indication that you've completed the puzzle when you pass through the red. Awesome job!
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