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Apache with Mouse Controlled Canon

screenshot of the scene

Author: asdf

Group: Default

Filesize: 282.61 kB

Date added: 2010-12-22

Rating: 6.4

Downloads: 1773

Views: 1140

Comments: 9

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


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Just something I though you might like! :lol:

It's effectively an Apache airframe with an easily scripted air friction engine added and my mouse controlled minigun strapped onto it.:tup:

Again, thanks to Kilinich_o_

Control roll of Apache with left/right arrow keys
Thrust with up arrow
Control gun with mouse and fire with left mouse button:bonk:
L to delete spent rounds.

(I suggest firing with spring tool selected, means you can move mouse while still firing)

Last edited at 2010/12/22 10:32:59 by asdf
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Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Mouse Controlled Minigun asdf 6.4 (4 votes) 938 9 2010/12/21 20:21:27
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awesome!! :lol:
AWESOME!!!!!! 10/10 :tup: _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ p.s WHERES COMANDO ASSAULT!!!??
:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
I was just wondering, how do you make something mouse controlled?
I know go to sqript and click colide and bash your head on the keybord 20 times TADA!!! Ex:goolrsdjfnvdfgnjioajfsoifgjsajdfpoiasjd12321345­94we0tjgf9et0hjyw948yejgqirfhowuehrgow8uertghuj9WQ­EFH0UIASBVNw80gfh8CSEHGQAEFAODIGiernfgirtbnsdzixcn­eouidnv iZDnvousfhfuckdsfmpaofjpaidjfpoasdjfiejrgfiriofmds­fuckwfjd/;.;poko/wdaksofjweircrapasdaskfjsiaogjigg­ggdfasdgshitqwdsadyyo87t6rertghn m,kjyt5 it will look like this if it dosent you did it rong. :lol:
Last edited at 2010/12/22 21:12:26 by bobstuff1234
or look up a guide.
You should be really proud of yourself. You started as what people considered a noob, but now your scenes are beautiful and stunning. I applaud you!

The scene is very nice, although I find trouble lifting the helicopter past 5 meters. Besides that, everything works smoothly. 8/10
:| wow alot of words:lol:
I love it. Have you got a forum account? If so you can PM me ("Rideg" on forums) and explain how you made the helicopter fly. I've always wanted to make an engine of my own.

Again, great scene 10/10:tup: