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I find this truly amazing every time i run it. It's flawless. Thanks for inspiring us novices, like myself with your most excellent work! Keep it up.
I'm not an expert at this yet, but i appreciate the feedback on this scene. Actually, FYI, it took me a LOT longer than 5 minutes.)|( :( :s :'( :x

Well, falandusz, i had looked around at a lot of other ball sorters, but i didn't find any Japanese ones.
falandysz, i checked out the scene that you recommended, it was very good, but it doesn't work on repeated runs.:tdown:
I don't understand why this isn't the number 1 item in the Algobox list. )|( It certainly is in my book :tup:
Where is the scipting in this scene? I've looked at every piece of this scene, and not found it. :s )|(
Hey, mold999, i hope you don't mind, but i've borrowed your idea of the crane and am using it in an upcoming game i'm developing. :tup: I've been looking for a suitable crane, and i think i found it in this levelset here. I've already made and posted level 1, Directional Controller Level 1. I'm hoping that's alright with you._o_
To quote Uncle Benny from the Lethal Weapon movie:

Bloody Marvelous! _o_
I don't know if this worked for anyone else, but it sure didn't work all the way through for me. It just fell apart.:(:x :mad:
I would like to learn how to do this kind of thing. _o_ How on earth do you keep them from falling off the track? :s :s :s Not even the real ones would do that!!! )|( :huh: I know, cos i had one. :love:
If you only took a minute over making this, then you must be an absolute expert! TEACH ME TEACH ME _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
I'm trying to copy it just to see how it works, not to put it on the Algobox and claim it to be my own. I think it's brilliant_o_
That's cool, but all it did when i pressed play was EXPLODE, but still cool :tup:
This is incredible!!! How do you get the circles to follow the lines that make it appear that the 'cars' are going on the roads???? This is so mind-boggling to me._o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
This is a cool little scene.:) It gets a little wierd the longer you watch it, but still cool:cool:
Kilinich, i've just got to know how fast is your computer? Mine lags behind due to lack of funds. :cry: :drool:
i can't get far without the car braking into pieces, it doesn't matter how slow i go.:(
Can you tell me how you did that?:blush:
This is so cool, conundrumer. I can't see how it could NOT work. Either way, if you let it walk by itself or you apply the motor to it, it works, and walks, great.
I've just downloaded and run it through. It's a very cool concept, but nothing happens after the ball is liquified,)|( so i moved another ball past that, and it stopped at the end of the slope before the 'color bouncer'. Apart from that, it's very good.:tup: :lol:
This worked great! All we need now is someone to invent a kind of a typewriting scene that will accept ALL the character on the keyboard, and also have carriage return so it goes back to the beginning of the next line. Well done, though. :coolgrin:
All i saw was a blank screen, so i checked to make sure i had downloaded the right file. Everything looked OK, so i ran it. Pretty neat, dude. :lol: :tup:
I agree. I thought the video to this scene was a cool one. You're really talented._o_
That is beautiful! But i didn't cry.:) It reminds me of my old spirograph days.
This scene in NO WAY sucks!!! he doesn't know what he's talking about. I thought it was a cool concept. If it is possible, though, could you make it move? Kind of like an LED sign or something?
How the dickens do you discover that Algodoo can do things like this?_o_ _o_ )|( Are you one of the developers of this marvelous program?
You say the groovy is a built-in feature of Algodoo. But where is it? And how do i access it? I may need some personal tutoring in scripting.
Bjota, Karl is right, I did NOT copy anyone. So put on a happy face, ya know, like they say, 'turn that smile upside down.' :coolgrin: I've downloaded some of your scenes to take a look, like all the others i've downloaded over time. But i don't copy anyone.:) ;)
This didn't work for me, i copied the start and finish boxes to my scene, put them where i wanted, set my scene in motion, then nothing happened.
It's not only the smoothest i've ever seen, it's also one of the strongest. I've just tested it on a steep hill, and it's awesome,_o_ _o_
This is extremely complicated. It really slowed my computer down a lot, but it was worth watching the little actions come to life.
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