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Dakar rally

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.7 MB

Date added: 2011-10-10

Rating: 8.6

Downloads: 9789

Views: 1675

Comments: 27

Ratings: 21

Times favored: 5

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

updated: ghost car, checkpoints, more reliable engine.

Semi-realistic rally (VW Tuareg) 8|
No lasers, no variables, scalable, scenlet-safe.

Rotary-collision-engine with mechanical throttle control (~500hp at 170RPM) You can do an engine brake!

3+1 speed manual mechanical gearbox (RN123).

Other specs is very close to reality:
true size/weight
0-100 km/h: ~4.5s
270 km/h top speed

Breakable (that's the most fun :bonk: )!

Demo track is extremely hard so you can spend a lot of time trying to pass it (I still can't do it from 1st try). Well, use pause and ctrl-z as checkpoints :tup:

Post your best time in comments!

Last edited at 2015/12/22 07:29:22 by Kilinich
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Cool, how does that gearbox work? It's really cool! _o_
I steal idea of gearbox from cata :blush:
It's not new but in than case it's the most useful.
to put my toughts simply;I love this scene!

Oh btw i made it in 361 sec=)
Last edited at 2011/10/10 22:58:51 by Christer
Blank scene in 1.8.5 :cry: the video is awesome though :tup:
Gearbox isn't completely mechanical, but it's still an absolutely amazing scene! _o_

And holy crap your computer is fast.
Last edited at 2011/10/11 05:08:02 by Ravenplucker
You should add a tachometer, it's hard to tell when to shift gear...
2Dare: Yes, I know, just don't want to make too heavy scene. I'll release version with dashboard but a bit later.
Woohoo! Maybe the community would be interested in a Dakar contest ... hmm ... :zzz:
185s.... that was hell.

Improvements needed:
- get someone whose expertise isn't origami to make the front of the car, that guy really did a crappy job.
- the engine is so powerful I never found a need for anything but the 3rd gear.
- the track needs signs that is understandable at speed(no text).
- throttle control needs to be more responsive(braking in time is hard).
Kilinich, i've just got to know how fast is your computer? Mine lags behind due to lack of funds. :cry: :drool:
i can't get far without the car braking into pieces, it doesn't matter how slow i go.:(
Great rally, very hard to complete.
In fact I crashed a lot, so the driver would be dead by now.

Runs very very smooth:
96 - 100% real-time @ 48 fps.
I have a old laptop and I run this scene easily.

Nice scene 10/10 :tup:
Last edited at 2011/10/11 19:57:38 by Banjerboef
It works in in full realtime. I really love this scene. Everything (save the lack of automated checkpoints) is perfection! It *says* I got 12s, but I actually got 172s.
Last edited at 2011/10/11 21:53:23 by TC42
160 is my max :mad: rara makes it less than 130 )|(
check my Trophy truck

but your rally car is the best:) :) :) 10/10
nice car, nice scene, nice engine I beat it in 138 seconds 10/10:tup:
Last edited at 2011/10/17 17:01:01 by cakeface24
Yes, 172 seconds! Finally got a better time than RaRa. RaRaMalum is right though, the front end is pretty fragile, but all around a great scene. The engine's really powerful, and everything (except the front end) is just awesome. 9/10 :tup:
After about 200 tries, I finally got the car past the field of spikes WITHOUT CHEATING. It took forever, but I finally did it.
Finally, 136 seconds...!
works perfect on algodoo 2, no lag on my computer.

oh and i jump off the cliff and survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :o :o :o
Woo i made it in 196 seconds! lol nice track btw,its challenging but not too hard.
Something gone wrong with your'e engine on Algodoo 2.1.0
Huh, I wondered why you deleted it :/ didn't it work in 2.1?
Yea, it was really hard to fix.
Great job. Without any scewups I could get a 93s run :D

Only complaint is if you engine brake too much or after hard impacts the engine will start running backwards which is very annoying.
Last edited at 2015/12/20 16:05:28 by pnvv
thanks, pnvv. I've update engine. Hope it will go fine now. :lol:
Ok, works now