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10mb seems like alot, but when you start using imported textures it goes up pretty fast. Of course you'd have to have dozens of different wallpaper textures in your scene to do that.
Wow Link that is a great scene:P
And phunbox 2 is looking amazing as ever!
:D I still love it!
You use csg or the erase feature on the brush tool
I enjoyed that. It's really interesting.
Yay! It's back!
Ah! I tried that so long ago, but mine failed. I concede defeat. 10/10
You could've just added a scene response
If I make the plane a killer object then:
A. I can never land
B. As I get further off of the ground my stream of fuel will get longer and lag more
C. If I wanted to make a scene with 0G in outer space it would take forever for the fuel to reach the borders.

Thankyou :*)
@sniped222 Go ahead.
This just uses the same principle as the Lucid device, but this one is very unstable.

Yes, it can "stabilize" an object, but it's powers act more as a dampening effect since you can still lay the object on it's side. The Raunit was special because no matter how you put it, it would always roll over until it was right side up again.
I posted a scene response. Although I'm not good with thyme, I can see that (given enough of these seperate variables) you could create a screen that uses LEDs. The amount of work required would be tremendous, but I believe that you've taken the first and most important step toward something like that.
@guyboy: The twist is supposed to be that the color of the first ball would travel all the way down the line, but it looks like it doesn't work anymore.
@xxGLHRMxx: I made a refreshing device. The reason I took it out is because whenever it refreshes the whole scene pauses for 1 or 2 seconds, so it wasn't even worth it to refresh.
@=ROD= : Make sure that you open up your console and type:[0,0,0,1]

When you press enter the console should come up with: [0,0,0,1]

Now you should be able to use that variable to enter all of the codes exactly the way you described above and it should work.
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AZERTY style keyboard? Couldn't there be a QWERTY style french keyboard as well or are they all AZERTY?
If there's anything you can rely on in Phun it's that your stuff won't work the right way 100% of the time.
ZOMG! what a ride!
@ 1storange:

And which design would that be? I truly doubt anyone has made something that works like this. It's just too complicated to copy.
It fell through the ground for me too. I won't rate it though. I'll just wait for you to fix it:D

Apart from being slow and falling through the ground this scene is really great though. Most people must fall through the ground and rate it down right away though.
Last edited at 2009/04/06 21:35:24 by Paradigm 29
One thing you could do is make most of the parts have 0 friction.
Then you could start by making the lock at the back of the gun have a density of about 50 and have no friction. That should help some with getting the bullet to the barrel, but using bounciness with polygons is going to send your bullets flying off in unpredictable directions more often than not.
:D 10/10
Nice thyme as always. 10/10
Interesting idea. 10/10
Well at least it does something :)
:D I love the idea. I can't wait to see the improvements on it. A simple thing like deleting the spent fuel makes this old concept alot more practical.
Yeah, it is a really good thruster, but the let/right controls aren't very intuitive. I just can't seem to get him to go left. I'll hold off on rating in case you improve it though.
Now make a super delicate hovering one:D
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