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Teleporter V2

screenshot of the scene

Author: Mystery

Group: Default

Filesize: 34.34 kB

Date added: 2009-04-04

Rating: 9.2

Downloads: 80552

Views: 13572

Comments: 47

Ratings: 52

Times favored: 5

Made with: Phun

Star Trek,

Scene tag

A not so simple teleporter capable of transporting multiple objects up to 200 meters! Now fully refurnished with a new design! Add any object into test chamber 11A start up the system and watch it go! Teleporation is still in very early stages and is unable to support living organisms. Teleportation can be a very rough ride so be sure to board up your windows before your send you house 3 km down the road.

Edit: Any one can use this in there scene so long as they give credit to the rightful creator.
Edit: soon there will be a much better, safer design.
(by "soon" i mean by the end of the year)
(and by "end of the year" i mean now )
(and by "now" i still mean by end of he year)
Edit:Yeah end of the year didn't happen. But i do have plans on making a new release when 1.7 is out.
Enjoy :blink:
Last edited at 2010/03/22 08:21:41 by Mystery
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Great idea, man! Just add some scene around. 7/10!
upd: You update scene, now it's 10/10 ;)
Last edited at 2009/06/16 07:36:23 by Kilinich
its great it need a few edits but still cool:tup:
Well done! but it doesn┤t work with transparent objects. 9/10!:tup:
I can't understand how it works, but I love it!:o 10/10
i know how it works! the red boxes make the shapes have no collision and be invisible. then the attraction of the other box sucks the shape in and makes them normal (scripting is very advanced).
HAHA, it's great.
Watch when 2 ragdolls are teleported. :tup:
When i did it they all came cramped and rolled up out of the teleporter, it's HILARIOUS! :P

Mind if i use it for my own scenes?:*)

_o_ _o_
Excellent scene 10/10 :o
Anything complicated never makes it to the other side intact though:(
Incredible, This entry for the starship collab is top notch. Can't wait to see the completed version.
10/10 Very nice! :lol:
Only true problem I noticed was it messes up collisions:(

Can I use it in some of my Star Wars Lightsaber Duals scenes?:) … p?id=18667 … p?id=18496
Last edited at 2009/04/21 20:10:00 by Master_Mechanic
Interesting idea. 10/10
:o 11/10
its good yes but very very simple. it moves the objects to the last collision menu and fades it out so you cant see it...
the other boxes attraction then draws it near and it hits something and then the colours are changed so it can be seen again...

1 problem being you cant have anything on collision menu g, i think... anyhow... its good... i was thinking maybe having something getting the mouse position, then setting new co-ordinates for the objects inside the box... making it more realistic. all thought i don't know much thyme id be happy to learn and help
great scene man, but if i put a vehicle with more than 1 collideSet, it will make the vehicle wrong in the end. I'm working in a way to make it return to the original collideSet, don't know if its possible
@rod_igo i didn't make a version that did that you could have anything that's A,B or C and it would turn them into G,F,E but it wasn't very practical.
cool idea
okay. awesomeness. 10/10.

A few problems: messes up collisions
makes everything full opacity
umm.. something else... okay, that's it.

otherwise, its AWESOME! :coolgrin:
Easy but great idea
now make this online, a teleporter computer tocomputer ;D
sucks as a simple tower will be messed up in the tele chamber.
But 7/10:P :+ :s :s :s :s :coolgrin: :cool: :tdown: :zzz: :tup:
uhm....doesent work for me <_< 0/10.....
WOOOOOOT 100000/10
:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
how does it work?
The theory that this works by making the object invisible then attracting it across is wrong. I tried to test it by trying to disprove it(forgot what that's called) First, I tried selecting the object before teleporting it. But it wasn't selected after. That means that it was taken off the scene for at least a fraction of a second to be put in the second chamber. If it was attracted across it would still be selected. Instead, the opacity might have been set to full because the script didn't copy the opacity, only the basic parameters. So it really just cut and pastes the file with reduced quality.
Mate if only that was true. Your idea was what i tried to make originally, unfortunately during its era it was impossible to get the key parameters (such as size and shape). Instead it simply makes the object invisible then pulls it towards the exit point really, really fast.

Today it would be possible to do it with your method using Grady's "New method" or as i like to call it "Method-X" which can be used to get the key parameters but unfortunately there is still no way to detect hinges, fixates, springs, anything with out a collision group, tracers, lasers and the list goes on.
So until then enjoy.
cool trick_o_ 10/10
Epic win.
wow this is awesome its transformung everything:o :o :o :tup: :tup: :tup: 100/10!!
Last edited at 2009/10/31 08:42:40 by Avidan666
Two things:
One is that you need to make all springs, hinges, fixates, etc. invisble;
Two, you shoul increase the airfriction on the teleported object. It makes the flight much more stable.
Other than that, perfect. 10/10
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