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Im not verry good at this kindah stuph yet,
but I allready have released some phun vids... (even a drama)
:D :D :D
yeah man 10/10!
keep it up!
all I can suggest is that you make it longer, and maybe some triggered events.
oh and a story line plz!!!:D :D :D
I just hate the way his feet keep on gettin caught on those TINY corners...grrr
yeah it well gwd exept tha friction when you walk is really annoying...sliding around....really gets to me. but apart from that AWESOME! (and quite spooky!)
this is good for a first upload, but could you make it so that he dosent just flop around so much? cuz I hate it when his foot or arm just accidentaly touches that zombie at the bottom.

apart from that, well done.
(and the way its all from a drawing is pretty awesome:tup: )
I found it quite overwhelming....
and it didnt take that much skill to just press -> and watch some guys the the fuck beat out of them....
did it work!!?!


yea I havnt made a game before
but thanks for the comment!!:tup:
hey man!
I just realised who you are!
cuz I am mad about that suicidal bob guy.
I thought I'd check your work, cuz you said mine reminded you of this one...

but yeah, youre right!
they are similar!

you f*cking legend.
wow man.
Imma gunna use this in my next utube vid if you dont mind...
this is favourite car man!

keep it up! _o_

and all you assholes who wanna get technical about a kiddies 2D physics program can go away and cry themselves to sleep.:D
Under ground stop being such a negative biatch.

nice car & logo man.:D
wow, man.

this place is pretty empty.
its a bit out of preportion, isnt it?

but all in all, he's kwl.
yabba my icing!
damn true....

dont you just love silenced guns on a soundless program?
guys, Im sure getting technical about a 7 year olds physics program makes you all feel grown up...

yeah man, good ragdolls, but I recomend using incscape with SVG2phun and maybe no borders??

keep it up:D

ive heard that if you reverse that speech it says:

MR.moo moo 4 your a fool ._.
sooo...youwant some kind of fuel huh?
cuz all those pipe systems look too thin to hold pressurised substances...
but to be honest I suggest just being happy with creating a spawn engine or something, cuz they are way more powerful...

but good luck!:tup:
this stuff is just a re-coloured version of sir_mustang's stuff.
leave this guy alone
if he wants to upload somin not verry good but funny does it matter?

besides, what makes your work any better than his?
pretty awsome.

but really depressing...
back in the day people used to not have grids.
it took more skill.
but now everybody just uses completely accurate grids and lazers:(
@paradigm 29
YOU CALL THIS goverment organised?
with ease came mass obesity.
it was not really 'better'.... :D

iether way, I'm just stating my opinion about how all good free things end up being brought, mass produced, and sold for money.

it wont be long before they start charging us for clean air because we have screwed the atmosphere all up.

but Im sure everybody likes to sit in their cozy 4 by 4's and
complain about how they used to walk. :D
@paradigm 29
:D :D


*slashes through about 20 guards*


*slashes through another 30 guards*


altair was waay better than that poncy one from assasins creed 2.

but keep it up man!
couldent say it any better myself mate!
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