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Concept Gun

screenshot of the scene

Author: Paradigm 29

Group: Default

Filesize: 23.66 kB

Date added: 2010-11-15

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 10938

Views: 1893

Comments: 25

Ratings: 16

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Use the arrow keys to aim
Enter to fire

Just an idea to make a more reliable gun. It doesn't have a very high fire rate, but you can only do so much with 100hz.

I can pretty much guarantee this won't work in Phun. Too many differences with springs. I might tweak it for Phun later though.
Last edited at 2010/11/16 03:57:10 by Paradigm 29
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Nice! 10/10
well you are right, it doesnt work in phun :< it doesnt fire and spazzes when you try to manually make it fire. but i bet it works as well as all the other great guns you make;)
just wondering if its just me or what, but is the gun supposed to reload manually?
im using algodoo 1.8.0, but the bullet wont slide into the 'barell' all the way.)|(
Last edited at 2010/11/16 00:26:56 by |)aFt Punk
@ |)aFt Punk
I have no idea what the problem could be. It works in Algodoo 1.8.0 and 1.8.2 for sure.
I used it in 1.8.2, it works great!
Nice gun!
COOL mechanism _o_ :tup: 10/10
Cool, Works like a beauty:tup: 10/10
back in the day people used to not have grids.
it took more skill.
but now everybody just uses completely accurate grids and lazers:(
@ itsbillistic
People used to not have houses or organized government either. It took more skill to survive, but now everyone just sits around in their comfortable homes and complain about the things that make life better. :)
@paradigm 29
YOU CALL THIS goverment organised?
with ease came mass obesity.
it was not really 'better'.... :D

iether way, I'm just stating my opinion about how all good free things end up being brought, mass produced, and sold for money.

it wont be long before they start charging us for clean air because we have screwed the atmosphere all up.

but Im sure everybody likes to sit in their cozy 4 by 4's and
complain about how they used to walk. :D
@paradigm 29
:D :D
Whoah... Okay, I thought you were complaining about how it takes less skill to use the grid. Now you've turned into some sort of anarcho-communist.

"iether way, I'm just stating my opinion about how all good free things end up being brought, mass produced, and sold for money."

What? Let me recheck the other post to see if maybe I missed some sort of masked undertone in your message.

"back in the day people used to not have grids.
it took more skill.
but now everybody just uses completely accurate grids and lazers"

Nope, no mention of free things being bought and sold for profit.
Looks like Czech UZI :tup: Of course perfect mechanism.
@paradigm 29

does it matter if I mentioned it in the second message and not the first?
i was going to talk about algodoo eventually.

but dont you get it?

the grids and lazers represent how these things get brought.
I just dont like the way that emilk has left phun for dead on a dead website that has just become one big advert, with no updates left for phun.

do I have to give my money in order to get a mimmic of a program I used to use for free so I can still be part of the community?

its not right.

but did you see the link??:D
try to make a gun without killers and everything, but just with restitution.
Why? I invented spring bullets because they have a longer "burn time" than bouncy bullets. Since a bouncy bullet delivers all of its energy in one frame you can only do so much before the gun explodes.
Anyway, I've made bouncy guns before and I don't intend to take a technological step backwards.
Tried it out in the algodoo demo. It's pretty damn reliable, nice work

How about adding another barrel and making each fired round feed the other barrel? I'm thinking that could lead to some pretty high firerates
Last edited at 2010/11/20 18:23:53 by j-dewd
nice 10/!0:coolgrin:
That's why we have a website called thepiratebay.
@paradigm 29
I said just try. I've made a a restitution gun before that uses kickback, but I forgot to safe it... but it worked as well as normal guns
awesome! 10/10


spring bullets are more reliable than restitution.
it works perfect in 1.8 10/10
Oh this is brilliant. I made is all opaque to see how it worked.

Definately 10/10, I especially liked the hatch where the bullets entered the chamber.