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THIS THING WORKS GREAT!!! I was fiddling around with this thing and I managed to make the bullets all killers, like destructo bullets. Anywho... I made a cool sorta tank hydrolic suspension jeep and put it on there after modifying it a bit. Just tell me if I should go find/make my own darn gun:P
well these are the names if you want to go check it out: Fancy Tank in Evil Land, and A Fancy Little Tank
I can try to get you just the gun with killer bullets if you want!!!:)
Thanks alot guys/ gals:coolgrin:
i've made the boss and a few new baddies and im just making a castle for the boss to bust out of and such. but he is a B.A.
you can use these knights for what ever you want just make sure to use the track and stuff. you know, or just make your own track
This is awesome! Thanks for adding to the Quest :coolgrin:
_o_ I'm impressed!_o_
But did you kill the king?...:s
Thanks for making this. I just got back into phun and I'm glad you put my knights to good use:)
Wow, so intricate
I have a huge amount of respect for your work. What other tools have you used to create besides algodoo?
What is this glorious situation?
Thanks a bunch!
Hey, but they coming at him.
They flailing swords in his general direction.
Awesome! very interesting use of boosters.
wowo, i don't know how u made this!
v nice
2019 edition plz
Wowo! those are some intense mechanisms in there.
Very impressive!
@SuperMax16 I dabble in algodoo from time to time