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Artificial Life

screenshot of the scene

Author: Ravenplucker

Group: Technical

Filesize: 212.1 kB

Date added: 2016-02-04

Rating: 8.1

Downloads: 5140

Views: 761

Comments: 19

Ratings: 12

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

"Oh my god I need a life" edition

Runs at 100Hz
~entirely mechanical~

I made a little critter that will scan for food using a retractable antenna, then seeks it out and consumes it. It implants the food in the eggs it lays behind it.

It's automatic, as most of my things are nowadays.
Probably my most complicated piece so far )|(

EDIT: Will probably lag on lower-end computers.
Also, I noticed I unintentionally gave it 2 spines, digestive tract, and the equivalent of nervous tissue. Nature knows best. :y
Last edited at 2016/07/05 01:28:50 by Ravenplucker
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Wow man, you're awesome:D

Keep up the awesome mechanical stuff! :tup:
Can I ask you a question, dear mister Plucked?

How to you know what to combine in what way to get your results and how are you still able to se through this mechanical madness o.o

I mean, you could construct a mechanical drone in real life if you had the tools to do so! You maybe could reinvent the clockwork engine if you had the time and materials to do so:lol:

You clearly are talented in mechanics, as you are pretty much the only user on Algobox that's able to combine mechanical pieces into "circuits" that do tasks one usually only does in thyme. Keep up the good work!:cool:
Ravenplucker has only 39 scenes posted since March 2009, but they are some of the most amazing contraptions in the entire Algobox archives! Absolutely incredible! :o _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ :o
This is insane! Very good job with this! :tup: :tup:
Now all you need to do is make the eggs turn into another one... and make the food randomly generated :thumbsup: (hoping it will work...)
This is genuinly amazing!
Haha, cheers guys!

"How to you know what to combine in what way to get your results"
Hah, I don't really. I have to make it up as I got along. That's why the first version of my machines are usually complete messes. E.g. I went through 3 different types of antennas and 2 other ways of rotating the bot before I stuck on one that works properly.

"how are you still able to se through this mechanical madness"
I can't.:P By the end of the process I have a vague idea of where the mechanisms are but I have to take it apart and selectively view collision layers if I want to add or change something fundamental.

Got your message Xray;)
Last edited at 2016/02/05 13:32:41 by Ravenplucker
Extraordinary. Seriously one scene with amazing mechanisms, because I can't even make a simple "useless machine" mechanism.
I really LOVE complex but scriptless mechanisms like yours! 1st because I am a scripting noob xD 2nd because it is much more intelligence behind it - when scripting looks a bit like cheating(I have respect of good scripters - no doubt!), in comparison to it, your work looks like a fair play and good hard work!;)
A shining light in the wilderness of marble races. :tup: :tup:
Amazing! make more of this kind of things this is amazing work of aldodoo!:D
ieuhasdjisdfuhiueyrywehycvuegiwvu qyg (infinity*infinity^infinity) /0! :tup

anyway must of took you moths to build this!
@Boyguy: Took about 10-12 hours or so (in basically one session. That was a loooong night)

@TheAlgodooGuy: Yeah I'm planning too. I'm working on another life-form with more automation, and a way of searching for the food randomly if there is non in range. :D
OMG!!!! It's incredible:o
really refined.
You have built an artificial bacterium ...
I like the automatic mechanisms ..

I'm curious to see your new scene ..
Too bad you can't make the eggs hatch into new ones without scripting. Still, this is absolutely amazing!:tup::coolgrin::)
I have a huge amount of respect for your work. What other tools have you used to create besides algodoo?
Not much. I like drawing mechanical stuff in a gridbook. Played Kerbal Space Program for awhile. Tried making a computer in DF though I failed spectacularly at that (though that was awhile ago)

Algodoo is really the only thing I've made anything complicated in.