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it is actually from 1966
somehow, this version of the car looks ugly, but the car itself looks nice (the real one)
becuz the govnerment doesn't want people to know about cheap energy sources, becuz all they want is money, so they don't mke this possible (they don't make strong/small enough magnets)
is this motor based on my design?
well, mine doesn't need collision, it is only so it doesn't fall:P
so if you make it non-colliding, it also works...
but, it works better with collisions...
i think i was the first one to upload even a principe of it, then upload such an engine, and now everybody is using it:P

look for: magnet motor principe
than you should find a scene by me, and there's the first principe... everybody thought it was a bad principe, and now everybody uses it...
check out the free energy contest
you made the box +4.6
not +50
but though, funny 6/10
i think it uses glitching, but im gonna look up the design closely
yes, im dutch
thanx for the rate, but please also click it
it is a very simple design
i just took my gravity engine and made it fly
well, nice try, but not very stable
and still based on my principe?
please rate and comment
where are the textures?
when im downloading this one, i see the img on pbox, but when i am opening with phun, it has lost all of its textures
well, i just created the writer
look at the responses
it is also quite simple
but when we have a keyboard, it is NICE!!!
well, its nice but not showing the realism of phun
the current is showing the realism and features, this one only showing he fun with it and some features

so, dont take this bad, but, the current welcome scene is better
well, im gonna work on the wire, and after that im gonna put the 2 objects in one casing and one screen....
gonna be hard
well, as far as i know, it cant read imgs
ill make a new machine that can store an image
you screwed up the screens:(
it does programmed msgs
but still the best i've seen around here
great design
only hard to make a good cable from
gonna be alot harder to make it use text changing scripts this time
but ill succeed:P

anyway, GREAT MECH!!!
:o :coolgrin: :lol: _o_ GREAT PHYSICS!!!
best drivin scene ever

please make more :unsure:
well, it just sets the sim on pause, so its not playing anymore
this ones gonna fly two
gonna adjust this one, just like your last one
well, it flies here, so if you practice, you can fly it
when it crashes it puts the sim on pause, so no play anymore
it isnt very laggy so it stops...:P
every time i have to fix it before i can play
just do this:
cut of the tip of the spike
make the box looking pylogon you have now NONE killer
glue it together with the tip
now you have a working weapon


besides that, 9/10

oh, and please make a forum topic for this
under scenes, and than melle tank story or something
Last edited at 2009/04/20 06:04:54 by Bronie12345
well, haven't i posted enough scenes with airplanes to make everyone get the principe of flying?
dont use engines with a speed limit
make the speed limit be created by air friction
jup, scripted only 1 box, the rest is making it drive and work
well, look at the response, i made a new version
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