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First real working phun computer

screenshot of the scene

Author: Otacon140.96

Group: Default

Filesize: 23.26 kB

Date added: 2009-04-15

Rating: 8.7

Downloads: 9547

Views: 3798

Comments: 27

Ratings: 29

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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I like to introduce the first real phun computer in the world!

Press enter to execute the program stepwise.
To execute a new program drag the old one out of the drive and put a new one into it.

-The computer can add, substract, multiply and divide two numbers.
-The display has a auto-clear-screen function
-Each program can storage 4 operations, 8 numbers and is programmable
-Each program has a identification number and will be executed seperately

Programming tutorial:

1. Dublicate a PROGRAM box
2. Change the text of this new box to e.g. PROGRAM #3, PROGRAM #4, .....
3. Set the restitution value to 0.3 if it's prgm number 3, 0.4 if it's prgm number 4, it?
4. The color array defines the operation type: 0 = +, 1 = -, 2 = *, 3 = /
E.g. [0, 0, 0, 0] means four additions
[1, 0, 1, 0] means -, +, -, +
[2, 2, 3, 1] means *, *, /, -
5. The textureMatrix array contains your input values:
[Input1_Step1, Input1_Step2, Input1_Step3, Input1_Step4, Input2_Step1, Input2_Step2, Input2_Step3, Input2_Step4, not used]

A newer version is available
Last edited at 2009/04/23 11:58:21 by Otacon140.96
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i dont understand a shit:s ?
What's your problem? You must not understand how this scene works in detail.
Last edited at 2009/04/15 20:09:57 by Otacon140.96
This isn't a real computer it's just got programed messages but i like how it does the messages, how did you do that!!!!
:o No words for this. Only ratings: 10/10:o
hard to understand
it does programmed msgs
but still the best i've seen around here
not bad just a little complex
Really cool actually.
Wow, thats amazing! Great job. Good luck on the rest of this project. :tup:
not bad, a quite hard scripting work...
the work is all made by the cpu that colliding with "program blocks" adds text lines on the screen, the cpu recognizes the blocks by their proprieties and makes additions/subtractions/... more detailed instructions are posted by the autor:tup:

byez and sorry for my english.
Last edited at 2009/04/15 22:47:43 by bukk530
@all: Thanks for your comment and rating! It was a very hard scripting work :)

@bukk530: You got it!:D
Cool.:tup: ...:coolgrin:
OMG!!! This is by far the best anything in the phunworld. 99999999/10
It is a bit hard to program but you did a great job.:) :tup: _o_ :angel: :coolgrin: :yum: :lol: :blush: :*) :x
WOW that is the best scripting I've ever seen.
Maybe you pick a wrong game for it? :s
It isn't phun for me...
take a box, go to script menu, then the first number of color= what you wanna do for the first 2 numbers of texturematrix (if you put 0 to the first color number, and 4 to first and second texturematrix numbers, it will calculate 4 + 4)
0= +
1= -
2= multiply
3= divide

so you can have 4 simple calculations in 1 program.
its not that hard when you look at the numbers of script menus after few enter presses:)
Quote [lollerman]: "...and 4 to first and second texturematrix numbers..."
You mean: ...and 4 to first and fifth texturematrix numbers...;)

Version 2 is ready soon.. :D
Last edited at 2009/04/16 18:56:20 by Otacon140.96
Wow! It's really good! Amazing! Best of these stuffs i've ever seen on Phun!:tup:
When will it play Halo??:lol:

:tup: 10/10:tup:
ok i reeeeeely like your compueter i love it and i think you should make it so you can put games on it on with your program disc, whoever agrees copy and paste this ***games***
i think you should allow to put in text and pics so you can post your own programs and share them if you think this idea is cool post this ***mail***
this would be impossible to do without script.
the most advanced computer you could make in phun with out script is a mechanical calculator with a fake mechanical digital screen:lol: . oh, great job too!_o_
10/10 :o _o_
I made Czech and German translation! See my profile ;)
all my copmuter does so far is just show "CocoPC All-in-1 PC" and shows data from floppys.:(
amazing but can you make it so i can't accidently set off the reader by just touching it