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Sorry Um..... Arrow down to drop wights :s
Hay if the Trebuchet do not work don't be :o
give this guy a break hes only been taking other peoples things cuz he liked them or he thought he could make them beter :angel:
:) :) :) The best thing i have ever played in phun :coolgrin:
More More :) :) :)
To good to be true :o
Come on people this is some Good Stuff right here!!

rate it.


by the way I'm uploading Your canon in one of my scenes:P
U have to have a fast computer or it will be really slow
yeah I have been trying to fix that for the pass 1 hour

look at my new one the problems fixed
Last edited at 2009/11/09 07:14:46 by jatki25
Does it work in PHUN.
umm gonna see if I can improve that.
Last edited at 2009/11/10 14:41:19 by jatki25
LoL i reached past 1000 by making the springs stronger and more bounce to the lancher.:P
I mite be able to help?:blink:
It looks like a MP40
It has that circle, but it looks better than the first
cut him some slack.
It's more of a car than a tank.
does it work in Phun?:s
I hate Bob so he should die!
Sounds great:)
Last edited at 2009/12/05 12:05:54 by jatki25
My older one
does this work in phun?
Any way does this work in Phun?
oh yeah SCREENO your a .f**king crazy drug addict.
Still your the man who thought of it.:)
Why? plus what it it?
does it work in phun?
You know John if u make your guns/scenes look better on the outside you'll have allot more downloads. cuz u do a great job on the inside you just need a little more style.

If u do need help I can help I have plenty of time to do it.

by the way, at first I thought your Shotgun was a pistol. :) and 8.5/10:lol:
does it work in phun?
I wish I could play it:'(

but I have phun
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