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Snowball portals

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.14 MB

Date added: 2010-01-05

Rating: 9.2

Downloads: 142589

Views: 13484

Comments: 43

Ratings: 38

Times favored: 15

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

UPD: Graphics and size reduced for performance...

X-Mas scene "better late than nothing" :+
Episode one :y

ASWD - Santa (left/turn/jump/right)
EQ - snowball gun (fire/reload)
ZX - portals (blue/orange)
Mouse - aiming

Portals can only teleport snowballs :yum:
Snowball keep it's kinetic energy and direction.

There was a discussion of what direction should snowball shoot after teleportation. My portals works like this - invert normal and surface parts of velocity depends on portals angle. That means if portals set like window (on both sides of wall) - snowball didn't change direction. :cool:

Your task is to get outside of castle.

Works 100% realtime on my old notebook (Pentium-M 1.6GHz, 512Mb) on Algodoo 1.6.0 later versions slow down a lot.

p.s. Happy new year!
Last edited at 2013/11/13 14:59:16 by Kilinich
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Very cool!!!! 10/10 The snowball gun is a great Santa
And Happy New Year!
Thanks. Did you finish the game? Did it lags?
I am on a slow computer right now so it only ran at 15% Thats why I didnt go to the end. Still a great scene. I will have to try it on my other computer when I get the chance.
This is very very nice. Its your best scene(which also means its probably the best scene on algobox).

Ok if I have to be very picky I could mention that the portals spawn new balls a bit inaccurate(I guess its not your fault, but algodoos Hz).

I haven't had time to see trough your portal scripts yet, but I figure it "simply" reads 2 poses and then spawns a new ball at the other portals pos with the calculated speed(this is supported by the inaccuracy).

Job very well done and I really hope people understand how much work you've put into this.
I love the portal refrence:tup:
it's a little difficult though, (not sure if its just me xD
Umm. i use Phun.

And this thing crashes it

Всё очень здорово, особенно скриптовая сторона :yum:
Я когда посмотрел трейлер, думал что наибольшее количество скриптов сосредоточено в самом портале, но оказывается ошибался :)
Last edited at 2010/01/06 15:51:45 by savask
I wish I could play it:'(

but I have phun
Ухахах, Вай кавай!))) Ахренительно!))) 100/10 _o_
ЗЫ: Kilinich великий, Kilinich великий, Kilinich великий!!! _o_ _o_ _o_
nooo ! doesnt work in Phun:mad: :( :( Kilinich i suggest u warn people that this is 'algodoo only'. still as far as i ca see this scene is incredible:lol: :lol: :lol:
2Dare, sorry, but I think it's obvious. Portals made with lasers, so no way it can be done in phun :(
2jatki25: You still can play it in demo.
ASHPD is awesome idea! I love Valves`s Portal and I love this!
That scene beats anything I have ever seen on algobox. 1000/10
I don't know why, but i have about 50% realtime despite having 1.5GHz, 1024mb ram.:unsure:
Its awesome and some parts where actually puzzles. Unlike the normal push the button with this and the door opens sort of thing you had to think a little.:tup:
Ran 100% realtime with no problems on my comp. The portals are very well made but I would have though you could have teleported santa as well. These simple portals have been made before.
Algoryx should send you a T-shirt anyway for an awesome scene! :lol:
Edit; Still 10/10:)
Last edited at 2010/01/05 16:41:01 by Nxdt
Гениально, без преувеличений. _o_
мысля так промелькнула.... может быть таймер с временем прохождения стоило бы втиснуть?
best scene ever.:o
2MblK1: не, не люблю когда надо куда-то торопиться. Лучше я во втором эпизоде пазлы по-серьезнее сделаю. Не развиты темы зеркал и порталов под любым углом.
Awesome scene I love
второй эпизод эт хорошо, про таймер тоже правильно, отвлекать от головоломки будет(разве что в конце поставить), просто после прохождения ТАКОГО захотелось еще разок, вот и подумал про него:)
Пазлы позаковыристее- то же хорошо, увеличить их количество и будет отменнейшая мини игра, и не только как сцена алгоды но и сама по себе :tup:
I know I can play it in the demo but, the time has gone out:'(
Last edited at 2010/01/06 16:21:00 by jatki25
This is just awesome. I didn't realize Thyme was this powerful, nor that there where Thyme coders this skilled. Kilinich: you never cease to amaze me! :tup:
hey make some portalgames to phun kilinich! i like the plane game but you have to come up with some new stuff!
i can only imagine:rolleyes:
but please do it now_o_
I finally got algodo..
then i upgraded it!
now this version is way to slow and laggy
Aha, looks like 1.6.0 is better version atm.
i love how you used portals in the game!
if only they allowed other things through
Holy cow how did u make this I wish I knew all those scripts!
I wish you would teach me
can you make a simple portal on phun?
2 phunbox1: no
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