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I love necrons , so i'll give you 10/10 :)
MADNESS :blink: ?!
Wow , this is amazing tank:D Good work - 10/10 :)
Thanks :lol:
Amazing like all your works:D 10/10
This is really the best thing ever created in Phun - the scripting is so large and awesome - i didn't ever though that someone can write so complicated script :lol: You're truly awesome scripter :tup: 10/10
Hmmm... This isn't too good - my maze game is better , and YOU USED MY IDEA ^_^ I didn't though my first upload can be inspiration for others:D
I'll give you 4/10 , because the ball is too bouncy (and you sould use script that is changing "labirinth" walls collor to white when the ball touch the end).


Ale ja nie mam mu tego za złe , wręcz przeciwnie - ciesze się , że ktoś używa mojego pomysłu:D Jak dla mnie to już jestem sławny w phunie:D
Last edited at 2009/04/11 20:19:04 by AstralDragon_PL
It's (can't find any word that can say how damn good it is)... THIS IS REALLY SUPER GREATLY ULTIMATLY DAMN AWESOME :zzz: O_O :angel:
I was searching but couldn't find anything like this so i maked it by myself.
A mi się podoba :) 10/10
To : Szkieletor

Ten pomysł można wspaniale rozwinąć poprzez skrypty (ja się tam na tym nie zabardzo znam więc nie jestem w stanie pomóc) ale na pewno znajdą się ludzie na forum chętni do pomocy. Dzięki temu będzie można produkować nieskończone ilości złota :)
Wspaniałe :lol: Daję 10/10!

Translation to English :
Awesome! :lol: I'll give you 10/10!
This is very good. I'll give you 9/10
Ice breaker isn't game from miniclip , but from nitrome...
Anyway it could be better , try to work more on this. I'll give you 6 <_<
What can I say... This is AWESOME :lol: _o_ :*)
The best and most complicated upload in history of phun! _o_ _o_ _o_ If someone will not rate this 10/10 will be the most :devil: evil:devil: human in the world. As everybody I give you :angel: 10/10:angel: _o_ Ps. Go outside! ( sometimes =P ) :lol:
Pretty nice , 7/10
Very good and I love powder game:D 10/10 :lol: