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Woah, really impressive, much better than a simple and common infinite ammo gun!
It's huge, the way it reloads is... just unbelievable.
And, as it wasn't enough, it's quite powerful!

10/10 for me, really good job:)
I already posted the same glitch, here it is :
Last edited at 2009/04/09 15:56:33 by Doublevil
Hey, that's Ganfald's mechanism!
Too simple, that was not the aim of the contest. I know that it is "legal" (it respects the rules) but if the author of the contest limited the attraction to 2.5, it was to avoid this kind of things.
We can still make things like this with 2.5 attraction points but it's of no interest, and you must have realized this anyway when you made it (in one single minute and without thinking a second).

Sorry for this unpleasant comment but I find this contest was a very good idea and worked to make my entry for several hours (I failed but that is not the question), so I'm quite angry when I see this kind of answers.
How does it work? I don't understand, explain it in a few lines in your description please.
Ha! I was about to post this irritating bug.
Good job, but if you try to move mirrors, it sometimes go through them, or through other objects.
I made a simple box and it enters inside before being refracted, so if the object isn't thick, it will go through it without being refracted (I don't know if refracted is the good term but you understand what I mean).

Anyway, it seems to work fine, this apart.

EDIT : It doesn't work with circles:x
Last edited at 2009/04/28 10:34:42 by Doublevil
You can edit your scene to indicate that it's the wrong one, don't you know?
@ 1bobbes1 : Look at the script of the fixated circle behind the ceiling, it's a very simple spawning script. Each time the moving bar collides with the ball, it calls the script of the fixated circle which contains an addCircle function.
Search in the forum if you want to learn how to create spawners, there are many posts about this.
Yeah, really good, the script could be very useful in a factory for example. Nice work!
Very good ragdoll, but the seat is shaking and acts oddly.
Excellent work (9/10), just a few points :
-A pink sky...?
-Why maximum gravity force? I tried with 9.8 and it works pretty fine!
-What are the stars?
Last edited at 2009/05/10 18:27:07 by Doublevil
The tower falls faster with a high gravitation value but it's not realistic; when I read your description, I thought it worked only with the maximum gravitation value, but, okay, it's faster.

I never saw the european stars anywhere :huh: are you sure?

For the pink sky, huhu, off course! :rolleyes:
It's too powerful and has a too big range (when the car activates it, the explosion can destroy flying machines and other land vehicles in a very big range, a landmine is not supposed to have such a big range).

It works fine, though.
Last edited at 2009/05/13 15:13:34 by Doublevil
Sorry, double post. :(
Last edited at 2009/05/13 15:14:01 by Doublevil
Sometimes it does not start.
I think it's a good simulation, though.
Not bad, but your galaxy can't make a central bulge, that would be appreciable.
Excellent ! Amazing work. 10/10.
Some points :
-I think the machine gun isn't powerful enough.
-The sword is... odd. Sometimes it kills the obstacle and sometimes it doesn't, I don't understand. That's a good thing that it doesn't kill the obstacle every time it collides with it but it's sometime very long to work (and you finally destroy it with the same move that you were doing repeatedly).
... Did you stole this ?
EDIT : Okay, sorry, that is not the same scene, just the same concept. 6/10.
Last edited at 2009/05/28 17:51:45 by Doublevil
Excellent work! Funny even if it's laggy. You deserve to have a good rating, people rate your scene bad because of small details. 10/10 for me.
Excellent but a bit short! 9/10
PS : I found the easter egg, like it:P
Sorry, not a comment about the scene, just to say that you can edit your scenes (not only the name) instead of re-uploading.
Last edited at 2009/06/07 21:33:16 by Doublevil
Edit your old scene instead of uploading another please.
Excellent work! I love your Collisionball idea, and, this time, the level is long enough. The easter egg is quite easy to find, compared to the one of the first level (or maybe I'm too used to search for secrets in games :lol: ).
10/10, keep making new levels, this is really great. Thank you.
Aaah, those russians! :P
8/10, I find it excellent with an object which is spawned near the tower, but I don't like the electric cloud it draws when a far object approaches.
Anyway, excellent idea, excellent work. Congratulations, again.
Nice design, efficient, quite unstable but I like it like this:P
7/10 'cause there are many weapons like this in Phunbox, this is not as original as your previous scenes.
But anyway, nice work again, mad scientist...
@ Mr. crash : Yes, there are... what is the problem?
I like the idea but the track is very basic.
8/10 for the idea.
You can EDIT your previous scene instead of posting another one 2 minutes later.
You can edit your scenes instead of posting another one.
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