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Mad scientists laboratory -Tesla cannon- Uwa-ha-ha!!...

screenshot of the scene

Author: RusInventor

Group: Default

Filesize: 105.42 kB

Date added: 2009-06-10

Rating: 8.7

Downloads: 24996

Views: 4071

Comments: 30

Ratings: 26

Times favored: 8

Made with: Phun


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Aaah, those russians! :P
8/10, I find it excellent with an object which is spawned near the tower, but I don't like the electric cloud it draws when a far object approaches.
Anyway, excellent idea, excellent work. Congratulations, again.
its fun to draw shapes and watch it burning them
Wow, cool! I love that effect when it "burns" something. I really like to draw random objects to air and watch how it burns them.
But wait... It burns everything expect the mad scientist. Does he have special suit protecting him, or is he immune to it?:P
Certainly protection! He scientist8| ! But, not completely. He mad..)|( . See on hair...:bonk:
Looks great! Did you see that?
Блин!! Ну дают!! Смотрел и ржал, как бешенный!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Дарт Вейдер, блин! Чтоб его!!! А...аа... До сих пор смешно....:tup: :tup:
Last edited at 2009/06/10 14:17:31 by Messiah
woa really really cool_o_
Thanks_o_ :yum:
Attention! To modernize stop central hinger! Try it on greater object!
10/10 трушная тема:tup:
млин вот где ты справочник по скриптингу надыбл никак найти немогу:unsure:
Не, я скрипты сам обнаружил, из др. сцен др. авторов. Кстати, если найдёшь такой справочник, скажешь адрес, а:unsure: _o_ ? :drool:
....Ну пожалуйста...:blush: :cry: :P :y :yum: :D :o :rolleyes: :blink: :bonk: )|( :angel: :lol: 8|
how u banned?
:huh: and what! i love scintest thing!:( :( :o :o )|( :grr: :grr:
:tup: NO words:tup: 10/10
WOW i almost felt sorry fot that ragdoll:)
I love electricity, want to try this at home (i'm not killing myself)
круто однозначно а ЭтОт блин хочу такую установку!!!
и дайте что-нить по скриптингу пожалуйста!!_o_ _o_ _o_
cool thing but why scienist don die?:tup: :tup:

пробую сделать чё нить-как в видюхе(без звука)
Last edited at 2009/07/11 21:35:24 by russianboy
пробую сделать чё нить-как в видюхе(без звука)
как ты сделал что башня реагирует на объекты а?
i dont get it noofense but what dose it do?:huh:
i zap the scientist :coolgrin:
Супер !!!
Нужно быо Вместо Регдола курицу сделать !!! :cool:
It burns a lot of stuff!
КУЛ! ваще ты бог!
Win. :tup:
Actually the scientist isnt invincible to everything. Once i ripped a laser gun off its hinges and obliterated him :3
Well not bad 7/10
I burned the scientist. TASTE MY MY SKILLZ.