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When you start the scene, before pushing play, rotate Bob so that he is up-right.
i know, I'm sure most of us are sick of the "Bob dying" stuff..but i thought "why not? I'll need a first scence"
Last edited at 2009/12/12 01:03:41 by Karadom
why yes, i did go back there :coolgrin:
i used bob with this..:lol:
how is this realistic?
I thought of a remix, you get in your car and.. "aw crap those teenagers slashed my tires!" lol
this is great!:tup:
putting a sign saying dont go back there only made me want to go back there! :P
i dont know if its just with phun, but when you clear it, it crashes
I'll add something
edit: i think mine is a little overshadowing (if there was shadows in phun it would be literal:lol: )
edit:strange...pushing s spawns circles
Last edited at 2009/12/18 01:44:21 by Karadom
i love how straight-forward the gun's controls are
im pretty sure there arent any clouds in space:P
its not that bad.. 6/10
proper english maybe?..:tdown:
has a translator online ever occur to you?:)
heh, i just played halo for the first time today, and i got to a level with this and drove in..funny conicidence
heh, one of the brain particles came around after the explosion like a shooting star:tup:
girl: I just hope that Mr. dead didn't feel any pain.
fireworks tech.: I dont think he will be able to feel any pain peiriod.
girl: ohh that great!
Last edited at 2009/12/31 15:37:07 by Karadom
better than the crap i made first xD
good jorb there! (made the typo on purpose xD)
edit: oh..didnt notices the "with spawner":/
Last edited at 2010/01/01 05:52:26 by Karadom
your scene made my interface vanish...:tdown:
your english sucks:tdown:
yes...I do belive it's....hamster
I love the portal refrence:tup:
it's a little difficult though, (not sure if its just me xD
The name of the bus? hmm..Beans?
good job! your scene is of the few scenes that make my steroided compy crash by a means that is not thyme
You should make narrow areas easier to go through. Also, you can't get to the top floor of the house where you start very easy.
This scene has promise: 8/10
"Do you have any last requests?"
"Yea... A bullet proof vest.."
I don't know why, but I imagine if there was a skin on the walker it would be a hamster..:lol:
How do you accidentally steal a helicopter from the army?:huh:
Dosn't work in Phun, 95% of the base vanishes after I press play
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