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cool scene:D
emil is epic
Last edited at 2009/07/16 20:07:52 by Tank2333
hey that looks great jax
hm its build like a raunit ^^
weird that a glitch like this still exist
maybe its the same as the lucid devic glitch

still good work figuring that out 8|
this looks good para
are they made with less objects?
genius rara...
thats great ^^i like it
looks awsome:D
this is an lucid device
here is the easiest one that can be build … ails/17603
this looks good
no it is one
the rods have 1000 airfriction...
and it doesnt stabilize it just falls down straight:D
thuis is awsome very cool script
hm dont know what this is for ^^:tdown:
Last edited at 2009/03/25 15:07:56 by Tank2333
the explosion looks good but its way to unstable and its more a jelly granade ^^
wow works very good... its not suitable as phunlet is it?
hm its the old polygon glitch where object being stucked into an polygon object

and it looks like it cant be pushed out because of the teeth from the gear
^^ this looks like u where very inspired by the design of my rockets/booster things ^^

but good work 8/10
just great ^^
yeah but this one falls over because of the leg moving
it get pushed to much upwards i have to find a way to control that better
maybe with seqeuncing ill try that later ^^
^^ i bnuild one wich moved the upper body forward and backward
it looked so funny ^^
but first i have to make better forward movmet with the legs
well ^^ i dont try to make it "look better"
but thx for ur effort im making a new version today
i hope it doesnt fall backward ^^

i like the idae with the magnits maybe i can think of something

and btw u can use scene resopnse for this ^^
Last edited at 2009/04/04 13:52:53 by Tank2333
@1storange those "assembly" are keeping the motor wheels syncron
and segmented feets doesnt have a big effect
maybe if i could control the segments seperatly from the overall movment...
but im working on the balance and force direction first
yeah it falls ^^ i know
im definetly make more

thx for da comments
^^ its just normal that a 4 leg walker doesnt fall ^^ because there are alway 2 feets on the ground

but thx anyway:D
big thx blitzgrutel i send u a pm

it looks like u understand the main problems that these walker have
ur help is welcome ^^
taht interresting
good work
^^ thx guys
this one directly didnt take too long but without my work on the previeos failed walker (there are 2 times more than in the seen to see ^^)
i couldnt build it

the mechanism was old ive used it in 4.22 as well but sometimes its luck to when i play around with it

EDIT if u have DL the v.2 that falls at start plz reload the fixed version
Last edited at 2009/04/09 16:43:25 by Tank2333
just awsome^^
very weird suspension but grweat gun:D
dud this contest is like 5 month old ^^
great ^^
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