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It's a good tower and i loved destroying them xD. It's a tall sturdy tower(my favorite kind of tower. Well done making this:D
this machine is the most complicated thing ever!!!
i tried to speed up the process in any way but it was a disater xD
completed in 5 years... must be a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tough work wow

and congrats on completeing this machine of awesomeness:D

ur so awesome conundrumer! kepp up the good work:)
Ok I was a little messed up trying to fix my tank
laser is supposed to be 120m rang

Oh hey conundrumer, and would just like to try my 1 shot 1 kill tank

i made it myself;)

it can destroy many things in one hit(after all, its called 1 shot 1 kill)

I hope anyone would like my tank:)
This is soooo cool! im definitely gonna use this to destroy towers lol including mine xD
lol played it too! xD gotta make more maps lmao
Idk why that happened lol but if I clone the AT-At, the glitch didnt happen.... weird...
I suk at aiming lol but nice work!:D
true xD
Awesome rocket! I like the way it end targets fying and also the fragments matched the target's color on hit! But i think the small issue here is that when u have many missiles, the missiles flies out of control do to the booosters in front of them and they will also get pushed back if one explodes n front of them because of the shockwave. But still, its great! cheers!:)